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MC Lars, born Andrew Robert Nielsen, created a sensation on the internet in 2006 with his caustic single Download This Song, which understandably reached massive audiences on the internet and recently achieved a chart placing in the Australian ARIA charts. The song was included as the first track in his album The Graduate. MC Lars describes his music as ‘post punk laptop rap’.

MC Lars Download This Song Faces

An office worker shiftily displays a QuickTime window on his screen, watching MC Lars’s face cheerily bop about in the middle of a car sales yard. Faces chanting “La la la la la la la la” mix and match. A long-haired girl in a car sings along to MC Lars dancing on a Playstation Portable. Another girl watches MC Lars rapping on her iBook. His pixellated download continues as he starts to rap. It switches between shots of these viewers watching MC Lars rap variously in the car sales yard, walking down the street with a laptop, and crouching in front of a building. A man watching Lars on an iPod is also introduced. As Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup) sings the refrain, a fat man at a computer is shown ripping open MC Lars’ CD. iPod-esque silhouettes dance against coloured backgrounds while the viewers sing along. As the title suggests, the music begs for downloading.

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The music video for Download This Song was filmed in L.A. and directed by Frank Borin. The video features Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup.

Download This Song’s Lyrics

MC Lars in Car Sales YardIt’s 2006, the consumer’s still pissed
Won’t take it anymore so I’m writing a list
Don’t try to resist this paradigm shift
The music revolution cannot be dismissed
$18.98 Iggy Pop CD?
What if I can get it from my sister for free?
It’s all about marketing Clive Davis, see?
If fans buy the shirt then they get the mp3
Music was a product now it is a service
Major record labels why are you trying to hurt us?
Epic’s up in my face like, “Don’t steal our songs Lars,”
While Sony sells the burners that are burning CD-R’s
So Warner, EMI, hear me clearly
Universal Music, update your circuitry
They sue little kids downloading hit songs
They think that makes sense
When they know that it’s wrong

MC Lars sings on an iPodHey Mr. Record Man
The joke’s on you
Running your label
Like it was 1992
Hey Mr. Record Man,
Your system can’t compete
It’s the New Artist Model
File transfer complete
Download this song!
Download this song!
Download this song!

I know I’m rhyming fast, but the message is clear
You don’t need a million dollars to launch a career
If your style is unique and you practice what you preach
Minor Threat and Jello both have things to teach!
I’ve got G5 production, concept videos
Touring with a laptop, rocking packed shows
The old-school major deal? It makes no sense
Indentured servitude, the costs are too immense!
Their finger’s in the dam but the crack keeps on growing
Can’t sell bottled water when it’s freely flowing
Record sales slipping, down 8 percent
Increased download sales, you can’t prevent
Satellite radio and video games
Changed the terrain, it will never be same
Did you know in ten years labels won’t exist?
Goodbye DVD’s, and compact disks!

MC Lars as hologram in Download This Song music videoHey Mr. Record Man,
What’s wrong with you
Still living off your catalogue
From 1982
Hey Mr. Record Man,
Your system can’t compete
It’s the new artist model
File transfer complete
Download this song!
Download this song!
Download this song!

You know, we just wanted a level playing field.
You’ve overcharged us for music for years, and now we’re
Just trying to find a fair balance. I hate to say it, but…
Welcome to the future.

MC Lars sings in iBook in Download This Song Music VideoDownload this song!
Download this song!
Download this song!

Hey Mr. Record Man
The joke’s on you
Running your label
Like it was 1992
Hey Mr. Record Man,
Your system can’t compete
It’s the New Artist Model
File transfer complete


iGeneration, a song released in 2004 from MC Lars’ The Laptop EP, has also enjoyed recent higher exposure. The iGeneration music video was directed by Stewart Hendler and produced by Phantom Pictures.

iGeneration Lyrics

And people tried to put us down,
when iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound.
My generation sat the mecca of malls,< Times Square, I'm there, Viacom installs. So we hit the net while the Trade Center fell, New York met Hollywood, we ran like hell. No Vietnam for us, yo, Iraq it's on. So who agree upon this cowboy Genghis Khan? The choice made, baby. Hey we'd take it back, logged in dropped out, MTV took track. They sold it back to us and claimed no correlation. The iMac, iPod, iGeneration. And I'm waiting for the day we can get out. The world is ours, that's the story no doubt. Want to be more info super highway traffic, want to be more than a walking demographic! MC Lars in iGeneration Music VideoCHORUS (x2)
“Hey! You’re part of it.”
Talking about the iGeneration.
“Yeah! You’re part of it.”
Talking about my iGeneration.

See the iGeneration knew organization
meant optimization and unification,
When imagination gave participation
in creation of culture a manifestation.
The Berlin Wall fell and out we came,
the post-Cold War kids laid claim to AIM
LOL, OMG, yo, BRB.
Space, colon, dash, closed parenthesis.
We sat at our laptops and typed away,
and found that we each had something to say.
Web-logged our fears, our hopes and dreams.
Individuated by digital means.
Fiber optic lenses, DVD, Coca Cola, Disney and Mickey D’s.
Flat mass culture, the norm that took hold

MC Lars text message in iGeneration Music VideoI hope I die before I get sold.


This is the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T
ge-na-ra-tion, see?
This is the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T
ge-na-ra-tion, see?