Mastercard Football Fever Is Priceless

Mastercard, one of the major sponsors of the FIFA 2006 World Cup, has an international television advertising campaign celebrating football fans affected by football fever. The 60 second TV ad begins in darkness, focusing on the face of a man lying awake, too excited to sleep. In many other places people wait in anticipation. We’re launched into a suspenseful version of ‘Fever’.

A chef watches the TV with fever

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that’s so hard to bear

Outside people in all walks of life are suffering the effects of adrenaline-soaked fever – overheating, sweating, eyes wide open, stripping off, riding into water.

Opening Shot

You give me fever when you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever in the morning
Fever all through the night

It becomes obvious that the fever is connected with football fanaticism as the sounds of a football crowd are mixed in with the music. The fever reaches its peak as individuals and groups watching and listening to football matches dance and leap for joy.

Fans on a bus in Brazil?Everybody’s got the fever
That is something you all know
Fever, ’till you sizzle
What a lovely way to burn.

The Mastercard Fever spot finishes with a fan in a railway station erupting into joy as he shouts “GOAL!”.

The tagline: Football fever: Priceless.

Fan yells with joy in Mastercard Fever TV AdMastercard have an online campaign associated with the Fever pitch:, hosted in English, German, Spanish, French and Portugese. Fans have the opportunity to test their football fever in an online quiz. The site includes stats, bios, journals and videos from Pele, Klinsmann and Howard, an insider’s guide to each of the 12 host cities in Germany, and the TV ad streamed as a Windows Media video.


The Mastercard Football Fever campaign was developed by advertising agency McCann Erickson, London, whose team included copywriter and art director Stephen Ward, agency producer Frank Lieberman and planner David O’Hanlon. Media planner was Neil Harrison from Universal Media.

Filming was directed by Michael Middleton via Peter Gird Productions, South Africa with producer Peter Gird. The shot was filmed in five countries across four continents using more than 100 people, many cast from the street.

Editor was Kobus Loots at post production company Elevator, Cape Town.

Fever – The Song

Fever - Peggy Lee Music DVD at Amazon.comAnd now for the background to the backing song, Fever. The song was written in 1956 by Otis Blackwell and Eddie Cooley. Blackwell gave his credit to stepfather John Davenport to avoid contractual obligations with bandleader Joe Davis. The first recording was by Little Willie John. Peggy Lee made Fever into a hit in 1958. Other artists to cover Fever have included Elvis Presley, Michael BublΓ©, Eva Cassidy, Ray Charles and Natalie Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna and Bette Midler.

Frank Lieberman, producer at McCann Erickson London, auditioned a number of well known singers, including South Africa’s Lady Smith Black Mambasa, but found no-one who could crack the suspenseful approach needed. In the end, Frank’s own daughter did the recording for the Mastercard Football Fever TV Ad.

  • Connor

    Thx for the Information about this great spot, but who ist the performer of the song? It isn`t Peggy Lee. Any idea?

  • Zychu

    Yeah.. i want that version… who sing it ?


    Yeah,i want that version too !! Who sings it ??

  • vanesy

    ella fitzgerald?

  • Zychu

    …pls check this song before u post it. It isn’t Ella

  • Tahoss

    The artiste is “Michael Buble” this is his originel song
    The but it’s not like the the one on the tv Great thanks to Tahoss my lol

  • Tahoss

    Madonna also sing this song πŸ˜‰

  • Tahoss

    Ray Charles also sing it it seem to me that is a very known song without orgine πŸ™‚

  • Tahoss

    Elvis Presley is the original singer i’m shur is him Elvis Presley

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley

  • Connor

    Great answers….(:
    I know the story of this song and all coverversions, incl. the coverversion elvis made.

    Is anyone out there, who knows the performer of the spot-version?

  • ricardo

    i bet sarah vaughn s singing it

  • Brightside

    Prelisteing shows it’s not sarah vaughn…
    Ricardo”s bet lose…
    Waiting for the right answer.

  • Symbiote

    I believe that Dann preforms Fever for the advert.

  • lucy Hamilton

    It’s a great rendition on the ad, I agree. It was written by Otis Blackwell in the 1950s and Peggy Lee is THE artist (traditionally), so quit that Buble/Madonna/Elvis crap! And Tahoss, it only takes a minute on the internet to work out it does have origins so don’t be slack. There are millions of versions on iTunes and not easy to find the one from the ad there!

  • lucy Hamilton

    I have emailed the page at Mastercard – will let you know if I get a reply!

  • Connor

    Oh, Lucy– I love you for this great idea.

  • OK folks. I emailed Peter Gird, producer for the ad. He informs me that the song was recorded especially for the Mastercard ad by the daughter of the agency producer. See my postscript above.

  • John

    Damn… even knowing the song was made especially for this Ad, isn’t it possible to get (buy it) the full-length music from somewhere ? Cause this cover seems to be great =)

  • Ilya

    “Anyone know what the last lines are?”

    It is

    Everybody gives you fever
    That is something we all know
    Fever, ’till you sizzle
    What a lovely way to burn


    This performance must be officially released !!!
    It’s fantastic !!! πŸ™‚

  • zoik

    it is performed by dann liebermann but you cant buy it:-(

  • Richard

    any idea if you can buy it, in the meantime?

  • anne

    I really hope so.
    Here,in germany,too, lots of people want to get that song…
    Great reseaRCHES started and hard discussions, just as it is here.
    So,you might use your’charme’ and tell them to release a soundtrack;)
    Greetings from Germany,

  • Martha

    I have a question about an advertisement that is being aired in Spain right now of MasterCard. The company that made it is the same as the one of Football Fever. It is in Youtube:
    I’d like to know what song that is. Many people (me included) are looking like crazy for it, and we can’t find anyting! Has it been made for the spot especially?? Does anyone know it??
    Thank you!