Mastercard Come Home with Findlay Brown

MasterCard UK has created a new Christmas TV advert as part of the Priceless campaign, capturing the genuine emotion of real people, not actors, reuniting with their loved ones at the arrivals gate of Heathrow and Gatwick airports. People wait anxiously to meet friends and families as they get off the plane, with some of the people featured not having seen each other for more than twenty years. Ticket from Toronto £299, Ticket from New York £228, Ticket from Cape Town £449, Ticket from Sydney £595. The advert finishes with the tagline: Spending Christmas together: Priceless, with two helium-filled balloons morphing into the Mastercard logo.

Ticket from Sydney

‘Come Home’ conveys the intimate and emotional moments of these reunions as we see young children running out of the gate to hug a relative, a couple kissing and friends embracing. The advert demonstrates that whilst Christmas is special for many reasons, spending Christmas together with loved ones is truly priceless.


Mastercard Come Home was developed at McCann Erickson London by executive creative directors Brian Fraser and Simon Learman, creative director/art director Jason Stewart, creative director/copywriter Brian Cooper with agency producer Fiona Renfrew, account supervisor Kate Harris.

Filming was shot by director Simon Ratigan via HLA, London, with director of photography Martin Hill and producer Richard Skepper.

Editor was Ben Stephens at Whitehouse Post.

Post production was done at The Mill.

Music was produced at Jungle Studios.

Spending Christmas Together

Findlay Brown Music

The soundtrack to the ad is “Come Home” by London-based accoustic pop/alternative folk singer Findlay Brown. The track was included on the “Don’t You Know I Love You” Ep and will be released as a single on January 22nd ahead of Brown’s debut album in February 2007. Listen to the whole song at Findlay’s MySpace site or download the track from iTunes UK.

Peacefrog, Brown’s label, describes “Come Home” as a paean to the more appealing aspects of country life compared to the city, fresh air as opposed to hot air. “When I first moved down to London coming from the north was exotic – the media were mad for Oasis and everyone said I looked like Vernon Kaye, which of course I hated. It’s about not fitting in, but in a good way, people in this industry being so false, and wanting the genuine article rather than bullshit.”

Lyrics for ‘Come Home’

Maybe I’m wrong.
Imitate sympathy,
Strengthen my tongue,
It’s taken at liberty.
How do I feel,
Glorified refugee?
Nobody ever says goodbye
And I don’t mind.

Just Come home
Come home

Play it by ear
Play devil’s advocate
Whenever I fear
pay for it afterward

How do I feel
Glorified refugee?
Nobody ever says goodbye
I don’t mind.

Just come home
Come home

Do I want it?
Please come home
Do I need it?
Please come home
Do I want it?
Please come home
Come on home

Come home
Come home