Mars Bar Earth Bar on Mars

Mars Confectionery produced a classic advertising campaign for the Mars Bar with two Martian television advertisements released in Australia in 2002. The campaign focuses on the idea that just as Earth people eat Mars as an energy source, so people on Mars would eat Earth Bars for energy.

Mars Swimming Pool TV Ad Still

In “Swimming Pool” a group of Martian youth pull up at the Memorial Baths in their car. Two boys jump into the pool, or should I say onto it. The laws of physics are different here. They bounce off the water while the two girls prepare for their swim. One of the boys leaps over to the vending machine where he purchases an “Earth” bar. Up in the sky is the Earth. The super: “Earth – what you’d eat if you lived on Mars.” Click on the image below to play the Swimming Pool video in YouTube

The spot is accompanied by A Band of Bees performing ‘Minha Menina’. The track is available on their album, “Sunshine Hit Me“.

“Kick”, the second TV ad in the Mars Earth campaign features three young men kicking a can around a Martian factory site. They leap through the air, bouncing off walls and into the air. The ad finishes with one of the men bursting through a billboard advertising ‘Earth’. Click on the image below to play the Kick video in YouTube


The two ads were created by D’Arcy, Melbourne, their last job for Mars Confectionery. The creative team included art director Linda Honan, creative director Mark Collis, copywriter Hilary Badger and agency producer Simone O’Connor.

Filming was shot by Joel Pront via Silverscreen, Sydney, with producer Barbara Devlin. Post production was done at Fin Design, Sydney. Editor was Drew Thompson at Guillotine. Sound production was done by Human Worldwide, New York.

The Swimming Pool ad won a silver for computer imagery and a bronze for special effects at the AWARD awards in 2003.

Lyrics for Minha Menina

Band of Bees Sunshine Hit Me available at

Ela e minha menina
E eu sou o menino dela
Ela e o meu amour
E eu sou o amour todinho dela Huh!

The silver moon is out of sight
And the golden sun has come
A beautiful new day is born
Scented with joy
cuz I fell asleep and awoke thinkin of her

Pois ela e minha menina
E eu sou o menino dela
Ela e o meu amour
E eu sou o amour todinho dela

The rose bush has blossomed out
And I’ve seen that she’s my rose
For her I’d place my heart before
Reasons I tell
everybody in the world that I love her

Pois ela e minha menina
E eu sou o menino dela
Ela e o meu amour
E eu sou o amour todinho dela
A Minha Menina

The Bees Minha Menina

  • Fil

    sensational ads, amazing campaign, and a great source of background info on the ads. good work.

    i am actually an advertising student from perth and was doing an assignment on this campaign. i was wondering if you knew the track that was used for the secong mars earth ad (the kick one)?

    any help would be greatly apreciated.

  • lue lue

    i lllooovvveeee!!!!!! mars’s pool add! its also so cool with the eye thing and the pool thing.