Lynx Jet Wins Gold at Cannes

Lynx Jet, the Australian deodorant campaign launched in November 2005, has won the Grand Prix in the Cannes Media Lions, along with two Gold Lions in the Lions Direct awards and a Promo Lion in the sales-promotion category. The controversial campaign was centred around the concept of an airline designed for young men seeking encounters of the sexual kind. Lowe Hunt, Sydney, and Universal McCann, Sydney, worked with Unilever to negotiate the lease of Jetstar planes for the beginning of Schoolies, a rite of passage for school leavers in Australia. The planes were painted in yellow and flights to the Gold Coast (Schoolies Mecca) featured hostesses in yellow uniforms. The ‘mostesses’ appeared at key events in Australian state capital cities.

Lynx Jet Mostess Snuggles Up with a passenger

Men and mostesses in the Lynx Jet Mile High Club

The television ad associated with the Lynx Jet campaign featured a promise of male fantasy on the new Lynx Jet airline. As screen shots here reveal, the concept took airline care way beyond the limits of ethical standards for airline stewards. Understandably there was a backlash from Australian airline stewards, and it wasn’t long before Jetstar cancelled the lease arrangement.

Despite the mixed reception from the wider Australian public, the target audience, young single men between the ages of 18 and 25, bought into the concept. Sales of Lynx Body Spray grew by 20 percent in four weeks to take an 84.2 percent share of the Australian market.

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