Lynx Man Chased by Billions of Bikinis

Lynx, the Unilever Body Spray, was promoted in a British TV advert last week, in 60 seconds of bikini-clad women running towards a single Lynx-spraying man. The spot was aired on British televisions once, just before the England/Sweden match in the FIFA World Football Cup. The Lynx ‘Billions’ spot opens with two feet running over a jungle floor, birds singing in the background. A brunette, wearing a red bikini, leaps over logs and navigates her way through trees and swamps. Accompanied by rhythmic chants in Latin, she is joined by other red-bikini-wearing brunettes, all clearly competing in a cross-country race.

Lynx woman running

In another part of the island, green-bikini-wearing blondes race each other up a hill. Out in the sea women are swimming in towards a beach. The blondes run down their hill towards the beach. The brunettes burst out on to the beach. Finally we see what they’re racing towards. A young unshaven man, spraying himself with anticipation of being the object of desire for thousands of women. The tagline: “Spray More. Get More. The Lynx Effect”. Click on the image below to play the video.

Apparently the producers of the Lynx Billions TV advert were honouring the sixtieth anniversary of the bikini’s introduction into modern usage by French engineer Louis Reard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in Paris, July 5, 1946.


The Lynx Billions TV advert was created at advertising agency BBH, London, by creative directors Rosie Arnold, Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi, with agency producer Olly Chapman.

Lynx ‘Billions’ was filmed in four locations in Los Angeles, using live actors as the basis for 110,000 CGI bikini-clad women.

Director Fredrik Bond worked with executive producer Debbie Turner and producer Anna Hashmi at MJZ, with director of photography Ben Seresin.

Editor Andrea MacArthur, at Peep Show, London, worked with offline Andy McClean.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill, London, by VFX producer Austen Humphries, 2D lead artist Giles Cheetham, 2D artists Mark Payne, Wes, Pheng Sispha, Ian Plumb, 3D artists Rick, Walia, Eric Deltour, Diamid Harrison-Murray, Mario Ucci, Mikko Martikainen, Elx Hammond, Stefan Gertsheimer, Andrew Cadey, assist Mark Payne, matte painter Dave Gibbons and colourist Adam Scott.

Sound was produced at 750mph.

Lynx man with women running

Lynx women running

Lynx Billions Music

Karl Jenkins RequiemThe music used in the Lynx ‘Billions’ TV advert is ‘Dies Irae’ from Karl Jenkins‘ album, Requiem. The lyrics for the track are from the pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic Requiem Mass.

Dies iræ! dies illa
(Day of wrath and terror looming)
Solvet sæclum in favilla
(heaven and earth to ash consuming)
Teste David cum Sibylla!
(David’s word and Sibyl’s truth foredooming)

In Paradisum: Requiem: Dies Irae – Karl Jenkins & Adiemus: The Essential Collection