Lift Plus Inspires Practical Jokers of New Zealand

Coca-Cola in New Zealand continues to promote its Lift Plus, its lemon-flavoured energy drink, with a prank-filled comedy series of television advertisements. The Lift Plus ads are promoting a lemon-flavoured carbonated drink with Guarana and caffeine, introduced into New Zealand in 2001.

Magasiva brothers in Lift Plus TV Ad

‘Vase’ has three young men and a woman sitting in a lounge room. One of them picks up a valuable china vase. His pal across the room, who happens to be drinking Lift Plus, motions with outstretched arms for him to throw the vase. As soon as the vase flies across the room, the dastard ducks out of the way. Smash! A woman, the owner of the vase, enters the room. “Oh Mum look! It was him!”. The voiceover and super, “Sharpen Up. Lift Plus!”. Click on the image below to play the video.

‘Spoon’ featured two friends testing the limits of their endurance of pain. Each has wooden spoon in his mouth and is whacking the other on the head. Behind them on the couch is a third friend who has a scheme to add pain to the wooden spoon experience for one bro (brother). Unfortunately Coca Cola had to backtrack on this one, due to epidemic spoon whacking breaking out in parts of New Zealand with nothing better to do. Trying this at home I discovered the problem is not so much the damage to heads, but more the potential for damage to teeth. Click on the image below to play the Spoon video.

”Shower’ features the three friends again pulling a prank on a young woman with whom they’re sharing a house. While she’s in the shower they make noises that indicate that they’re leaving. But instead they sit on their couch and arrange for the phone to ring. Click on the image below to play the Shower video.


The campaign has been developed at Publicis Mojo by creative director Nick Worthington, creatives Karl Fleet and Derrick Kim, and agency producer Jane Mill.

Filming was shot by director Robin Walters at Curious Film, Auckland, with producer Seth Wilson, director of photography Adam Clark and editor Will Roberts.