Libra Tampons – The Comparison

Australian television audiences have been treated to a humorous TV ad for tampons this last month. SCA Hygiene promote Libra’s range to young women who, according to SCA’s research, feel comfortable about the men in their life buying their tampons for them. A young man (Andrew Supanz) rushes into a supermarket, running through the pouring rain. As he arrives at the door his mobile phone rings. “Hi! Yeah I’m here. Yeah I know the ones”. At the shelf dedicated to feminine hygiene, the young man first takes Libra Mini Tampons. “Mini”, he says to himself, looking down at his crotch. With a laugh he knows that he’s chosen the wrong ones and puts them back. Instead he chooses Libra Super Tampons. “Super”.

Libra Comparison Boyfriend

At the checkout counter the young man asks the female attendant, “Do these come in a larger size?”. She activates the conveyor belt, propelling the Libra pack towards the camera for a close up. The super (no pun intended) is “Girls get it”. “No. That’s it”, she says. “Oh, OK”, he says, pulling out his wallet to pay.


The Comparison was created at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne by creative director Emma Hill, creatives Cameron Hoelter and Josh Robbins, and agency producer Roz Ruwhiu.

Filming was directed by Rey Carlson via Revolver Film with director of photography Danny Ruhlmann and producer Marge McInnes.

Editing was done by Seth Lockwood at MRPP.

About SCA Hygiene Australia

SCA Hygiene Australia is a manufacturer and marketer of menstrual and bladder weakness products under the brands Libra and Tena in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. SVA (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget) began in 1929 as a holding company for ten Swedish forest industry companies and has over time acquired product ranges from companies such as Johnson and Johnson in the USA, and Carter Holt Harvey in New Zealand. “Librette” is the Swedish brand name in the feminine hygiene range.

Libra Girl

LibraGirl, a web site in Australia and New Zealand designed for girls entering puberty, features a downloadable pdf document on how Libra television commercials are made.