LG Digital Television helps Love The Game

LG Australia has a set of TV commercials connecting with viewers watching tennis and football (soccer) on television. Each spot finishes with an animation of sports balls: soccer, cricket, golf, tennis, basketball, morphing finally into the LG emblem.

Neighbours watch TV in LG DVR ad

PDP (Plasma Display Panel) Tennis

An adult man and two teenage boys sit on their couch, eating popcorn, interacting with a game of tennis featuring Australian Lleyton Hewitt. As Lleyton makes his comeback and pulls the score to 7-5, the viewers leap for joy. The camera swings around to reveal the television they’re watching, in the living room of their next door neighbour. “Love the game? LG’s giant screen integrated high definition digital TVs. Awesome!” Slipping into the background of the tennis broadcast are Australian Open sponsors Kia Motor, IBM and Garnier. This ad has been updated for the FIFA World Cup Series, replacing the tennis match with a soccer match.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Soccer

LG connects with soccer in its ad for the Digital Video Recorder. A young boy sits on the couch, taking bets in turn with his grandfather, father and brother that the Socceroos will score in the penalty shoot. He wins each bet. The soccer-ball carrying brother picks up a cushion to reveal the remote control for the digital video recorder. Hot pursuit ensues.

Brothers watch soccer replay on LG TV

Love the game? LG’s high definition digital video recorder – record and replay in HD.


LG’s advertising in Australia is created by Belgiovane Williams Mackay, Sydney.

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