Land Rover LR3 – Be Glad You Took Yours

Land Rover USA have released their new TV ad featuring the LR3, ‘Let’s Take Mine’. The 30 second spot shows a man driving his Land Rover LR3 through the city and taking his family on a year’s excursions. He transports his daughter’s robot, his wife’s tall relatives, though not the dog. When they drive to the beach they’re grateful for the protection of the Land Rover in the downpour, finally enjoying the stars through the skylight.

Land Rover Be Glad You Took Yours

“It seems that no matter where we go or what we do we always take my Land Rover LR3. Like when my daughter had to transport her ambitious prize winning science project it was ‘Let’s Take Mine’. When my wife’s Dutch relatives made a surprise visit I took them to her sister’s… in mine. Take mine. Take mine. Better take mine. Better take yours. Let’s take… uh. When we went on a supposedly sun-filled vacation we had to take mine. When the clouds finally parted I’m glad we took mine. The voiceover: “Always be glad you took yours. The LR3 by Land Rover – designed for the extraordinary.” Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Editor Jay Nelson says, “The spot condenses a year into 30 seconds and it was designed to be a densely edited narrative. The challenge, accordingly, was fitting so many vignettes in that period of time. What was most rewarding about making this commercial was that everyone – from the client to the agency, director and myself – shared the same vision, so the collaborative process was a blast.”


The Land Rover LR3 spot was created at advertising agency Young & Rubicam Brands, Irvine by associate creative director/art directors Jeff Payne and Jeff Heath, with producer Christopher Coleman.

Filming was directed by European director Markus Walter via Hollywood production company GO Film, with executive producers Gary Rose, Robert Wherry and Jonathan Weinstein, producer Adam Gross, and director of photography Thomas Kuerzl. Location services were provided by Paradiso Films, Sao Paulo.

Editor Jay Nelson, from Cut+Run, Santa Monica worked with assistant Joe Rounseville and producer Megan I. Welsh.

Telecine was done by colorist Beau Leon at Syndicate, Santa Monica. Online editing was done by Paul Song at Liquid Images, Santa Monica.

Audio was mixed by Eric Ryan and produced by Katherine Morgan at Ravenswork, Venice.

Music was composed by David “Dibs” Shackney and arranged by Terance Bernardo, produced by Eric Hillebrecht at The Lodge, New York City, with creative direction by Drew Stein and Eric Hillebrecht.

Sound was designed by Johannes Hammers at Machine Head, Venice, with head of production Vicki Ordeshook.