Where Will You Find Jesus in the Beer – at MySpace

The Churches Advertising Network has done it again. This year’s Christmas campaign is launching into British pubs with the question, “Where Will You Find Him?”. The poster, beer coaster and internet campaign picks up on the preoccupation with finding images of Jesus in everything from egg yolks to currant buns. Next to an empty beer glass in which a face can be seen are the words, “Where will you find him?” and pointing to the web address myspace.com/isthisjesus

Where Will You Find Him?

The campaign, developed at Radioville, started with the angle of finding Jesus’ face in unexpected places. CAN went with the pint of beer, as many people in the UK will celebrating the season down at the local.

Coasters from Bartholomew Brewery

“The message is subtle but simple – where is God in all the boozing at Christmas?” said the network’s chairman, Francis Goodwin. “For many, Christmas is just drinking and partying and God is excluded, yet many young people are interested in finding deeper meaning and exploring faith.”

The MySpace site has the following blurb for Jesus:

Jesus (and his mum) seem to be appearing everywhere these days. The latest sightings include the face of Jesus spotted on a tree trunk, in the clouds and even in the grease stains on the inside of a pizza box. Hang around eBay for a few days, and a new picture of Jesus is bound to come up for sale. Which is why a new advertising campaign for the churches is starting off with a beer glass with Jesus in the froth. The campaign, which also includes radio ads, wants to get people talking about where they find God today, even if it’s in the most unlikely places.

Jesus’ interests are listed as general beard care, extreme water skiing, music (Kum Ba Yah), The Life of Brian. He’s single, at MySpace for friends, has Nazareth for a hometown, has a Middle Eastern ethnicity, was born in Capricorn, and is an ex-carpenter.

The MySpace site points to Faces of Jesus, and Unexpected Faces, at rejesus.co.uk.