Jaguar Drivers Prefer Gorgeous

Jaguar launched ‘Gorgeous’ in October 2005, a campaign for cinema, web, and inflight settings. The ‘Gorgeous’ ad, set in France, appeals to the sense of prestige and status associated with owning a new Jaguar XK sedan or convertible. The campaign is linked to

Jaguar imagery superimposed over St Tropez bather

The spot opens with black and white wheel imagery superimposed over shots of beautiful privileged people. Well heeled affluent twenty and thirty somethings socialise in French settings, including the Chateau Vilette, St Tropez, Maison du Cap and Ramatuelle. The voiceover, by Willem Dafoe, allows the viewer to associate ‘gorgeous people’ with a gorgeous car, the Jaguar XK coupe and convertible.

Here’s how the Outside Editorial press release puts it:

Rapid, solarized Jaguar running footage peppers shots of women waking up tousled with sleep, playfully pushing a man into the water, and riding horseback. A woman alights from the coupe, her chiffon gown billowing in the breeze. The XK convertible is glimpsed poolside through palm fronds. A couple embraces in a shot artfully blown out with light.

The brand film ends with a woman casually reclining as the word ‘Gorgeous’ plays across her body written in light. The end tag also features a play of light over an otherwise dark shot: flickering light gradually reveals the XK coupe as it licks down the side of the vehicle and, in a separate shot, uncovers a glowing Jaguar hood ornament which appears to leap as the light
animates it.

Jaguar Gorgeous Script

Gorgeous deserves your immediate attention.
Gorgeous makes effort look effortless.
Gorgeous stays up late and still looks gorgeous.
Gorgeous has no love for logic.
Gorgeous loves fast.
Everyone cares what Gorgeous says.
Gorgeous gets in everywhere.
Gorgeous can’t be ordinary even if it tries.
Gorgeous pays for itself in the first five seconds.
Gorgeous doesn’t care at all what others are doing.
Gorgeous was born that way.
Gorgeous trumps everything.
Gorgeous is worth it.

Chandlier scene from Jaguar Gorgeous ad

Jaguar Gorgeous Credits

Danny The Dog sountrack at AmazonThe ‘Gorgeous’ advertising campaign was developed at Euro RSCG Fuel/City as one of the first jobs in a newly acquired account with Jaguar. Creative directors Alicia Johnson and Hal Wolverton and executive creative director Jeff Kling pieced the storyline together.

The original filming was done for the speculative spot used by Euro RSCG in its pitch for the Jaguar account.

Filming was shot by director/photographer Michel Comte via Grand Large, Paris, with director of photography Philippe Piffeteau, executive producer Steven Horton and producer Samantha Veyne.

The versions of ‘Jaguar’ seen by the public were pieced together at Outside Edit by editor Scott Gaillard with assistant David Madden, post producer Tricia Higgins, graphic designer Jaime Lamond and Flame artist Steve Mottershead.

Unleashed Soundtrack at

Sound was mixed at Berwyn NY by Eric Thompson.

Music was composed and arranged by Lee Shephard at One Point Six, Bristol, England, with producer Rob Kaplan. The music is an adaptation of “Two Rocks and a Cup of Water”, from the soundtrack to “Danny The Dog“, also known as “Unleashed”, by Massive Attack.

Unleashed Soundtrack at

Danny the Dog Soundtrack at,uk

Download the track from iTunes:

Massive Attack - Danny the Dog - Two Rocks and a Cup of Water

  • Joel Ashby

    Who does the voice over for the Gorgeous Jaguar advert?



  • TS

    Willem Dafoe




  • Daniella

    Hi there,

    Whos the man at the beginning of the ad and whos the women who woke up after sleeping.

    And if I can have their telephone numbers and address.

    cheers me dears.


  • Is there a steamlined flash version of the ad?


  • tim

    The best car advert ever –simply a masterpiece-well done to all who produced it –

  • Jonty Keeley

    Is the voice over not Kiefer Sutherland?

    I really want to find the music of it but can’t find it anywhere!

  • Jonty all the news releases in October last year talk about Willem doing the voiceover.

  • Hello peeps.

    I know, touching isn’t it?

    The music is by: Massive Attack
    and its call: Two rocks and a cup of water

    And no, you shouldn’t download it as an MP3 you can go and buy their flippin album like the rest of us. There is plenty of other good music on there.

    The voice is definately Willem Dafoe.
    So Ya’ll can lick ma balls!

  • dingopuppy

    i have the album- n on my itunes- but how come i can’t get the advert with billy speaking over it???????

  • Diana


    This is Diana from Aristotle, a production house in Singapore. We would like to find out the name of the reclining girl in the last frame, as we think she is absolutely gorgeous n totally suitable for our upcoming ad campaign. It’d be most helpful if you can include the name of her talent agency. thanks so much!

  • cameron

    What is the name of the song on the new Jaguar XJ advert

  • Naomi Sachs

    I just love this advert, I know it’s silly of me as it’s just an advert and actually I don’t own a car, nor do I wish to, and I’m not normally taken in by advertising, but for some reason this ‘gorgeous’ Jaguar advert with its’ beautiful locations and artwork and the extraordinarily haunting music (massive attack’s ‘two rocks and a cup of water’) really moved me ever since it first came on TV back in 2005 I think it was. I have only just got online at home so I found the advert and again it’s a bit sad to admit but I play it every so often and am transfixed. I just love it!

  • mj-uae

    the music is lil bit diffrent from the origenal one !! I think it’s a remix or something but plz if any one know the real name of it send it 2 me over my email x5.5@hot

  • Fahed B

    Simply Gorgeous…, its a masterpiece