Inghams Chicken Makes Swearing Mum Look Good

Australian chicken company Inghams is courting danger with “Swearing” a television commercial featuring a mother with a loose tongue. The woman picks up her daughter from school and notices her rudely poking her tongue out the window. “That was Robert wasn’t it? I thought you two were friends.” The daughter replies, “No, he’s a bloody idiot”. Mother retorts, “Don’t you dare use words like that Michelle! Where do you pick up such filth?” As the woman proceeds to pull out into the traffic she narrowly misses another vehicle. She sticks her head out the window and yells abuse at the driver of the departing vehicle. “Bloody idiot! Why don’t you ** look where you’re ** well going?” Mother and daughter exchange a look of realisation.

Girl pokes her tongue out in Inghams Chicken TV Ad

Girl pokes her tongue out in Inghams Chicken TV Ad

Next scene is at the dinner table. The voiceover explains that Inghams Kiev Crumbed Chicken Breasts are filled with a choice of delicious centres. Dad obviously thinks they’re delicious. He says to his daughter, “You’ve got a great Mum, Michelle”. Michelle, tucking into her dinner responds, “Bloody Oath!” Voiceover: “Inghams. Makes Any Mum a Great Mum!” Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by executive creative director Danny Searle, copywriter Jeremy Southern, art director Mike Preston, agency producers Jo Howlett and Rebekah Lawson, account supervisors Tony Hale and Trudi Porter, working with Inghams marketing director Richard Cusden.

Filming was shot by director Hamish Rothwell via Goodoil Films, Sydney, with producer Juliet Bishop and director of photography Susan Stitt.

Editor was Stuart Reeves at Guillotine. Post production was done at The Lab. Sound was designed at Nylon Studios.

See the Australian Advertising Standards Board’s consideration (pdf) of complaints about the swearing and road rage portrayed in the Inghams ad.

  • Noreen Kewin

    your tv ad depicting swearing and road rage is a deplorable comment on the mentality of those who produce the ads and those who sponsor them.
    In this case it is Ingham chickens.
    Does the advertising industry have no integrity – I know they’re liars. That is bad enough, but to actively support road rage goes beyond common decency. I would suggest that if they are so enamoured of unacceptable behaviour, they be sent on a long vacation to the middle of the desert, preferably without the benefit of hat, shoes, shirt or water, where they can be as obscene as they want while they last.

  • Cathy Cheel

    If Inghams chicken is causing “good mums” to partake in swearing and road rage in the presence of their children … no thank you! I’ll be buying other chicken from now on! This advert is appalling!!! My children are involved in commercial television and I would never lower our standards as parents to allow them to take part in such an outrageous advert, for no amount of money. What’s happening to our sense of decency and responsibility as parents? It’s very sad.

  • Debbie S.

    Thanks goodness that advert was only shown a few times where I live before being pulled off air. It was unbelievably stupid to associate a food product with rough-as-guts behaviour.

    The ad made me cringe because it was so outrageous. It certainly didn’t make me feel hungry when I saw the Inhams dinner being served up. Who feels like eating a few seconds after witnessing a near car crash and hearing a foul-mouthed precocious kid?

    Very dumb advert and a stomach turner, not an appetite enhancer. The attempt at appealing to ‘common’ people was way off the mark.

  • joe bloemi

    i loved the advert, it was hilarious and after seeing the ad i went down to the supermarket and the family sat down to a inghams chicken dinner every night of the week. you must be bored to sit around and bitch about a bloody ad.

  • mr wang fang

    i havent seen the ad, but i love butter.

  • dalena

    your advertisement was amazing, it changed my whole life 😀

  • jessica

    laugh out loud @ that dalena chick yeah

    your advertisement was amazing, it changed my whole life 😀

    i will always buy ingham chicken from now on (:

  • Katharine

    I think some people read too much into it. It isn’t endorsing road rage or bad language at all. I see it more as a social commentary than anything else. While you may never swear or get frustrated behind the wheel, there are a lot of people who do, and a lot of those people happen to have kids in the car while they do it. It is also true that kids have picked up a lot of colourful language in recent years – and whether or not that is from foul (or perhaps fowl in this case) mouthed parents I am not sure, but I have heard a lot worse than ‘bloody idiot’ come from the mouths of babes.

  • Ah, the dulcit tones of a real Aussie accent. How I miss it. Well, almost as much as I miss your chook! (Breaded and fried Roadrunner will never take its place.)
    Bill in Tucson, AZ, USA

  • Annabel


    i love this advert!!!!!!!!

  • sharon sear

    What is wrong with people today…have they all had a sense of humour bypass? This is a great ad, get a grip people and stop taking life too seriously and you might actually enjoy it!

  • samantha k

    As a non chicken eater for over twenty years, I love your ad, I think it is very well done and have not taken it to heart as my friends and family tell me all the time that there is something wrong with me, dont worry I dont eat pork either, had a really bad thing with both, BUT LOVE THE ADS keep them up

  • deadthevideo

    I have never seen this ad, but from the comments I have read, it seems to created some sort of debate over acceptability of the language in the advert. I don’t hate adverts, in fact I’ve loved ads since I was young, but a small minority of people who take it upon themselves to practically haul the admakers over the coals over something which could be seen by a large majority of people as minor. From the comments, there are those who love the ad. Personally, I don’t think I would mind some swearing in an advert. The reaction generated by the advert is an example of what I believe to be double standards – programme makers can get away with a lot, but heaven forbid the advertiser who tries the same thing. It’s time the whingers woke up – times change and so should adverts. The advert takes risks and advertisers should be allowed to get with it – programme makers do.

  • deadthevideo

    Since my last post, I remembered two other occasions where Australian adverts have used swear words. A late 90s Thredbo ad featured the line “The bastards” in reference to the parents who take their daughter to an overseas fun park rather than Thredbo for her birthday and Transport Accident Commission’s annual Christmas 2000 drink-driving ad campaign, entitled ‘Never’ featured the line “Oh shit! No!” in reference to a driver’s shock at the realisation that he has killed his girlfriend in a road accident, having drunk alcohol at her father’s birthday party that day. The key point in that ad being when he states that he is okay to drive, when he clearly wasn’t.

    I don’t know how Australians reacted to the Thredbo ad but I don’t think that the Transport Accident Commission ad was ever banned. My point being that the Aussies probably accept bad language in ads more than they make people believe.

  • Asha

    To be honest I think the newest Ingham chicken ads are far more appalling than this one. The latest one is sick and degrading. I do not eat any meat and I do not appreciate being told that “there is something seriously wrong with you”. There is a large group of people who “do not like chicken” to eat. These ads are prejudiced.

    Oh, and concerning the swearing ad. This too is sick. We can CHOOSE the movies we see. But we CANNOT CHOOSE when the ads come on.

    I have a very good sense of humour, as I’m sure all these other people who oppose the ads do also – just not a DIRTY or SICK sense of humour.

  • David Smith

    i loved the add …thought it was really funny… good on ingham

  • fez montez

    I can’t believe that no one picked up the fact that the woman is driving both cars.She pulls out in traffic then she’s in the other car yelling at herself.They either had a small budget or they had a quirky director!

    • I don’t think you can see the driver of the silver vehicle.