Ikea delivers Persian Rug

One of the funniest television commercials of 2005 was ‘Persian Rug’ for Ikea Canada’s home delivery service. A couple stand in the silence of their neighborhood with just the sound of birds. He pulls out a jewellery box and kneels at her feet. “Marry Beth!”, he says. She gasps in astonishment. Before she gets to reply a car drives past, packed with flat-pack furniture on the roof and a Persian rug poking through the back windows. She’s knocked over and he’s not because he’s still kneeling right over.

Girl about to be swiped by persian rug in Ikea TV ad

Fireman and kitten in Ikea Persian Rug TV ad

The car continues down the street and turns right. The next victim is a fireman saying, “Here’s your kitty!” to a young girl. He’s only just handed over the cat when he’s taken out by the persian rug.

A man has stopped a neighbourhood lemonade stall for a refreshing drink. With a broad smile he says, “That’s tasty lemonade!”. Of course he’s taken out as well.

The text comes up, “Please let us deliver it.” as the car continues down the street and knocks over a street light pole.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The ad is backed by a specially composed song, in the style of Simon and Garfunkel.

Hey where you going?
We’ve only just begun
We’re already talking about
pictures of the way
we moved along.
Hey hey let’s all go to Walla Walla Washington!
Let’s all go to Walla Walla Washington.

The voiceover: “Ikea. Fits.”

Car prepares to turn right in Ikea Persian Rug ad


Ikea Persian Rug was developed for Ikea Canada by Toronto advertising agency, Zig Inc, whose team included creative directors Lorraine Tao and Elspeth Lynn, copywriter Aaron Starkman and art director Stephen Leps.

The ad was directed by The Perlorian Brothers at Reginald Pike with producer Jen Walker and director of photography John Houtman.

Music was composed, arranged and mixed at Grayson Matthews Audio Design, Toronto. Sound design was by Tom Westin and Dave Sorbora.

Ikea Canada’s web site says that the home delivery service involves arranging door-to-door delivery by an independent transport company for a small fee. Customers are encouraged to check with their store for rates and delivery times.