IKEA Moo Cow Milker Discarded

IKEA‘s classic television commercials include “Moo Cow Milker”, released in 2002 as a companion to the ‘IKEA Lamp‘ advertisement.

Moo Cow Milker Face

A man and woman are amorously moving from the lounge into the dining room. In the background we hear a tenor singing an operatic aria. As the man pushes the woman to the dining room table she catches a glimpse of a little ceramic cow creamer (milk jug) lovingly staring up at her. With reckless abandom, she pushes everything off the table, including the little cow creamer. The opera music swells to a tragic note as the milk jug goes crashing down to the hard wood floor, shattering to pieces. For a moment the couple pause, concern on the man’s face. The woman is not worried and brings on the action, pushing her man onto the table. Down on the floor a piece of the cow creamer’s face stares up at the couple. A single drop of milk trickles through its mouth. Out on the street a man with a Swedish accent (reference to IKEA’s centre of operations) stands with his bicycle. “You feel sad for the Moo Cow Milker? That is because you are crazy. Tacky items can easily be replaced with better IKEA.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The IKEA Moo Cow Milker TV ad was developed at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, by creative director Alex Bogusky, associate creative director Paul Keister, art directors Mark Taylor and Steve Mapp, copywriter Ari Merkin, and agency producer Rupert Samuel.

Filming was shot by director Clay Williams via MJZ worked with director of photography Rodrigo Prieto.

Editor was Michael Heldman at Spot Welders.

Dacia Mitchell cites the IKEA Moo Cow Milker ad in a study of racial identity and consumption in IKEA’s advertising.

Anyone recognise the opera music used here?