Hummer driven by Goldilocks and Three Bears

Hummer‘s H3 became a fairytale star in a television commercial retelling Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The 30 and 60 second spots present the H3 as a vehicle accessible to people looking for a manageable size. The Hummer H3 has a 3.5 litre engine, as compared with 6.6 litres in the H1 and 6 litres in the H2. The Hummer Bears spot opens in a modern home with a view. The decor is made out in Brown Bear browns, complete with large footprints on the cushions placed on the couch. The three bears arrive home after a long trip away. Walking through the front door they notice the mail lying on the floor. So far OK. But when Father Bear goes to his easy chair he finds an empty tea cup and saucer. The plot thickens with a newspaper crossword and pen. He rushes to the kitchen to check with Mother Bear. Pans and ingredients are still scattered across the kitchen bench.

Three bears in Hummer Bedroom st

Father and Mother Bear rush to their sleeping quarters to find that there’s been an intruder in Baby Bear’s bedroom. The bed is still unmade. They rush through various rooms to reach their three-door garage. The first two doors are opened to reveal the Hummer 1 and Hummer 2. The third door opens. No vehicle. Baby Bear is not impressed! The camera cuts to a young woman driving her newly acquired Hummer H3 with satisfaction. The super: “The New H3. This One’s Just Right”. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Hummer Three Bears TV ad is another spot in the ongoing campaign managed by Boston advertising company Modernista! Staff involved in this spot included executive creative directors Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke, art director Tim Vaccarino, copywriter Joe Fallon, agency producer Julian Katz and executive producer Charles Wolford.

Director Jake Scott worked with executive producer David Mitchell at RSA Films, and director of photography Tobias Schliessler.

Editor was Kirk Baxter from Rock Paper Scissors. Colorist was Tim Masick at Company 3, New York.

Visual effects were developed by Geoff McAuliffe and Michel Suissa at Brickyard VFX.

Composers were Aaron Alden and Doug Darnell at Robot Repair. Audio engineer was Mike Secher at Soundtrack, Boston.

Goldilocks was played by Sarah Jane Morris. Papa Bear was Robert Daly. Mama Bear was Lori Mellmon. Baby Bear was Arturo Gil. The bear suits were provided by Animal Makers.