Hummer Plans Great Escape

Hummer have launched another promotion for the H3 with The Great Escape, a play on the star-studded 1963 movie. To the sounds of Elmer Bernstein’s original music, three office employees devise a way to escape to the hills in their Hummer H3, leaving behind copies of themselves to quell suspicion of absenteeism. Climbing through the air conditioning ducts they finally reach the outside of the building. One, however, must shred all evidence of the escape plan and it appears as though all is lost. Chad McQueen, son of Steve McQueen from the original movie, appears as a security guard playing with a baseball. The final super: “Escape Greatly”.

Three escapees in Hummer Great Escape Ad

Escape Greatly Super in Hummer Ad

Escape Greatly Super in Hummer Ad


The Hummer Great Escape concept was developed at advertising agency Modernista! by executive creative directors Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke, art director Tim Vaccarino, creative director/copywriter Joe Fallon, senior agency producer Eric Voegele, and head of broadcast Charles Wolford.

Filming was shot by director Fredrik Bond via MJZ, with executive producer Lisa Rich, director of photography Janusz Kaminski.

Editing was done by Rick Russell at Final Cut, Santa Monica.

Bernstein’s score was mixed for the spot at Soundtrack, Boston, by Mike Secher.

Elmer Bernstein - The Great Escape - Main Title