Honda Odyssey Breaks Curfew

Honda Australia continue to promote their 7-seater Odyssey as the family car without the family car look. Following on from an earlier advertisement, the latest television in the campaign features a babysitting grandmother interrupting the parents of her grandchildren making out in their Honda Odyssey in the front driveway.

Couple kissing and cuddling in Honda Odyssey

The 30 second spot opens with a shot of the grandmother sharing a couch with two sleeping twin girls. Romantic music from a television movie provides the setting for the next scene, a couple embracing in the front seat of their car. The grandmother carefully extracts herself from the couch, moves the clock from 11 pm to 11.20 pm, and walks outside with a torch. Out in the driveway the torch reveals a silver Honda Odyssey with a couple making the most of a reclining passenger seat. “Hi Grace!”, she says as the couple become aware of being watched. “John I’m sorry to disturb you but you did say you’d be back by eleven. When you’re ready can you take me home?” “So sorry”, says Grace as she pulls the passenger seat up again. “It’s OK Grace”.

The voiceover, “The sexy seven-seater Honda Odyssey”. “Sorry Mum”, says John. “It really doesn’t feel like a family car”. The car drives off as the mum stands embarrassed in the driveway and the twins wave from the window. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Honda Odyssey Curfew ad was created at Foote Cone & Belding (FCB) Melbourne by creative director Scott Lambert, copywriter Eric Blakeway, art director Mikey Tucker and agency producer Karina Wright.

Filming was directed by Rey Carlson at Revolver Film with director of photography Keith Wagstaff, executive producer Michael Ritchie and producer Marge McInnes.

Grandmother looks in on Honda Odyssey