Honda Jet in the Blue Sky

Honda has launched its new jet into the public skies with a new television commercial, “Sky”, in 60 second and 30 second versions. The Honda Sky ad features a man in a blue Honda coverall painting a city sky blue. As the workman paints his way through the skyline, the dreams of the city occupants seem to take on new meaning. A boy looks out through his apartment window, yearning for the skies it seems. A street ball game becomes a sky ball game. Roadworks become skyworks. A swimmer dives into a pool, gliding among the clouds reflected in the water. Skateboarders wend their way through cloudy slopes. The workman looks to the skies to follow the progress of a HondaJet. The super: “Reach the sky. Honda. The Power of Dreams”.

HondaJet Sky

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View the 60 second and 30 second versions of the ad in SWF format at


HondaJet Sky was developed at Hakuhodo, Tokyo, by creative director Shinichiro Hashizume, art director Koji Takahashi, and agency producer Shoko Akutagawa.

Filming was directed by Laurent Chanez via Identity, New York, and Robot Communications, Japan, with director of photography Nigel Bluck, and producers Joe Masi (Identity) and Tatsuro Hayashi (Robot).

Editing was done by Ben Longland at Cosmo Street, with assistant Shinya Sato and producer Tania Thiele.

Visual effects were developed at Hi-Ground Media, Culver City, CA under the direction of VFX producer David Hogglich and Inferno artist Duy Nguyen.

Colorist was P.J. Marsiglia at Company 3, Santa Monica.

HondaJet Sky