Honda Impossible Dream for England

Honda’s Impossible Dream ad has been English colours for the FIFA World Cup. The TV ad, originally launched in December 2005, was shown on British televisions on ITV before the England/Sweden game, this time featuring the St George’s Cross flag at every opportunity. The voiceover at the end says, “Come on England, keep the dream alive”. A quick look at the Power of Dreams site reveals the adjusted piece of patriotism in the form of a 6.77 mb flash video entitled ‘Impossible England’.

St George Flag featured in Honda Impossible Dream TV Ad

Barnes and Paul Wilmot at The Mill give the background…

With what can only be described as a “tight” deadline, yesterday Barnes and Paul “Rod Stewart” Wilmot put in an 18 hour day against the clock to deliver the finished commercial finishing only 10 hours before the match kicks off. They took a quick stroll down Oxford Street to buy flags, bunting and stickers to provide the raw materials they needed to work from. Then, using a combination of two standard fans, one roll of of sticky tape, two Wicked Zinger Meals and a DV camera they shot the flags blowing, fluttering and billowing. Then the footage was tracked, graded and added to the existing film. Shadows, reflections and the like were also added to help sit the flags into the footage.

English bunting in Honda Impossible Dream TV Ad

Barnes commented, “On occasions like this, when we have a blank canvas and tight deadline, it is difficult to show creative restraint, as I’m sure anyone who spots the horse wearing England colours will confirm”.

See my earlier post on the original Honda Impossible Dream (December 8, 2005).

And the score for the England/Sweden game? It was a draw with two goals each. Thanks to Bob for the correct figures. :>)

St George Cross on Balloon in Honda Impossible Dream TV Ad

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