Honda Civic Freedom is Choice

Honda linked the Civic with the USA midterm elections with a TV spot featuring the theme of freedom of choice in relation to civic responsibility. The 30 second spot entitled “Freedom” debuted across the U.S. on Nov. 7, the date of the country’s midterm elections, and will continue to air on spot TV, cable networks including MTV, Fox and Comedy Central, and during national sports broadcasts for the NFL and NBA, among others. The spot opens with a Honda Civic car, a range of alarm clocks, and a young man sleeping in his bed. The man’s bedroom doors slide open to reveal range of seven cars. His body divides into seven versions, each with a distinctive set of clothes.

Seven men in Honda Freedom Civic Freedom ad

An animated Honda Civic drives down the streets of Washington DC, changing colors as it goes. The map is placed on a kitchen table along with items of food that appear and disappear. Finally the map folds into a paper airplane and flies off into the next sequence. A Honda Civic morphs as it moves through an animated environment – driving around a globe made of icing. The seven cars line up at a pedestrian crossing with Capitol Hill in the background. The seven men enter polling booths to stand up for civic liberty, voting for getting up, smiling and the Civic. Kevin Spacey’s voice says, “”Freedom is choice. The Honda Civic. Reverse your thinking.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The Honda Civic Freedom campaign was developed at RPA, Santa Monica, by creative director David Smith and Joe Baratelli, copywriter Camille Sze, art director Nathan Crow, executive producer Gary Paticoff.

Filming was directed by Ace Norton via Partizan, Hollywood, with executive producer Ian Bearce, line producer Charles Spano, and director of photography John Zilles.

Voting form in Honda Freedom Civic Freedom ad

Colorist was Beau Leon at The Syndicate, Santa Monica.

Editing was done by Brad Waskewich at Rock Paper Scissors, Los Angeles, with executive producers Linda Carlson and Dave Sellars, producer Yole Barrera, and assistant editor Biff Butler.

Visual Effects were developed at A52, West Hollywood, whose team included executive producer Mark Tobin, producers Heather Richardson and Mark Kurtz, VFX supervisor Kirk Balden.

Sound was designed at 740 Sound Design, Santa Monica. Final mix was done by Nathan Dubin at Margarita Mix de Santa Monica.

Seven cars in Honda Freedom Civic Freedom ad

Voters in Honda Freedom Civic Freedom ad

Huddle Formation Music

Music for Honda Civic Freedom is “Huddle Formation”, by The Go! Team, the Brighton, UK band. See The Go! Team MySpace site. The track was featured on the band’s album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike.

Thunder, Lightning, Strike at

Lyrics for Huddle Formation

Go! Team Thunder Lightning Strike at Amazon.com5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8

All these beats
workin’ down the street
jumping, jacking
gimme some time
’cause if you don’t, I won’t
you’ll never get back, yeah
if you do, I swear
I’ll give it to you

Standing on the board
board is on the wheels
wheels are on the ground
spinning round and round

I got the power
back here
all you gotta do
i got the power
back here
gimme some time

i got here, where?
i got there, where?
i got it
you got it
we got it everywhere

get all your loser heads up
try to pick up the junk


Download the track, Huddle Formation, at iTunes:

The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike - Huddle Formation