Honda Advertising On Banana

Here’s a print advertisement for Honda from the summer of 2002/2003. This banana appeared on a half page newspaper ad as part of the ‘Crazy Sensible’ camapaign against negativity.

Honda Banana

“Have you ever written on a banana in biro? Its crazy but it works like a dream. You wish all writing could be this way. It flows. It’s smooth. It’s sensual. You get the urge to write poems; sonnets; odes to lilies. A strongly worded letter of complaint is impossible. It makes you realise that everything can be improved. That even the familiar can be looked at in a new light. And that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Do you believe in the power of dreams?”


The banana ad was designed at Wieden+Kennedy, London by creative directors Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth, copywriter/art director and typographer Richard Russell, photographer Paul Zak.

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