Heineken Posters In Casino Royale

“Some things shouldn’t be shaken or stirred.” Heineken International have provided their print tie-in with Casino Royale, the James Bond movie being released worldwide on November 17. Along with a television commercial the company have released a number of print advertisements. Pictured here are four, connecting with the “Shaken, not stirred” line from James Bond with the Heineken bottle and Eva Green’s character of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.

Heineken Shaken Stirred Print Ads with Eva Green

Heineken Some Things Shouldn't Be Shaken or Stirred Print Ads/Posters


The Heineken Casino Royale campaign was developed at StrawberryFrog, Amsterdam, by executive creative director Kevin McKeon, art director Amy Nicholson, planner Ilana Bryant, and agency producer Letitia Jacobs.