Heineken Bond Drama at Casino Royale

Heineken International has released its advertisement, “Waiter”, becoming the first company in the history of James Bond to shoot a commercial on the actual set. The television advertisement picks up the James Bond combination of sophistication, suspense, action and humour, tied together with the original theme music.

Vesper Lynd and waiter in elevator

The Heineken Casino Royale commercial, titled Waiter, features Eva Green in character as English agent Vesper Lynd, entering the Hotel Splendide, Montenegro, to rendezvous with James Bond. The concierge is on the phone, saying “Mister Bond, Heineken Richler.” As Vesper approaches the elevator a waiter, played by Peter Varga, appears behind her carrying a bottle of Heineken on a tray.

Vesper Lynd and waiter in elevator

Once in the lift, Vesper Lynd hits the button for the fourth floor. When she notices that the waiter is eyeing her up she pushes buttons for the first, second and third floors. At the first floor she jumps out and runs up the stairs. On the fourth floor she sees the waiter walking to Bond’s room with the tray. He reaches his hand into his jacket pocket. She switches the lights off and renders him unconscious, taking the bottle of Heineken with her into Bond’s room. The punchline comes as Bond asks, “Darling, have you seen Room Service? I ordered you a Heineken.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The Heineken Casino Royale campaign was developed at StrawberryFrog, Amsterdam, by executive creative director Kevin McKeon, art director Amy Nicholson, planner Ilana Bryant, agency producer Letitia Jacobs.

Filming was directed by Stephen Gaghan, via Form, Los Angeles, and Stillking, Prague. Gaghan is known for his movies Syriana and Abandon, as well as screenwriting for films such as Traffic. Working with Gaghan were director of photography Matthew Libatique (who also worked on Abandon), first assistant director Elizabeth Hebert.

Filming was done at Grand Hotel Pupp in the Czech Republic. Stillking, Prague were the local production company for the actual Casino Royale film.

Editor for Heineken Casino Royale was Tom Scherma at Cosmo Street Editorial. Audio post production was done at Sound Lounge.

Click on the image below to play the making of video.

Casino Royale the film on iTunes

Eva Green was known for her role as Sibylla of Jerusalem in Kingdom of Heaven, (2005).

See the Heineken International October 28 press release on the Casino Royale advertisement. Stills can be downloaded from the Heineken Casino Royale press centre.

Download the original James Bond theme music (Dr No) from the Movie Music of John Barry – at iTunes:

John Barry - The Film Music of John Barry - The James Bond Theme (From