Happydent White Smile powers Indian City Lights

Happydent Whitening Gum has been promoted in India as the source of dazzling smiles in two television commercials, “Smile” and “City Lights”.

Smiler in Happydent TV ad - before chewing gum


The ‘Smile’ spot opens with a young woman appearing upside down in a traditional camera. The photographer provides her with a model of the Taj Mahal and At the count of three he calls out, “Ishmile”, just as his flash lights up the room. They repeat the process time after time until she asks for a break. As he asks for one more shot he goes to adjust the source of the flash, the man standing next to the camera chewing Happydent whitening gum. As he laughs his dazzling teeth light up the room. Click on the image below to play the video.

City Lights

A young man on a bicycle crosses a bridge, clearly in a hurry to reach his destination. However his bike collapses, the wheel falling into the river. He tries hitching a lift from a car with men sitting where the headlights should be. The young man enters the town at dusk. As he passes lamp posts in the town we see men hanging from them. The young sneaks into the grounds of a palace. He passes a tennis court, a swimming pool, a ballroom.

Chandelier smiler in Happydent TV ad - before chewing gum

The young man reaches a balcony from which he jumps into a chandelier hanging over a dining table. He takes out his HappyDent White gum and starts chewing, his incandescent smile starting a chain reaction. Other men follow suit, lighting up the dining table, the swimming pool, the tennis court and even the road. The ad contains the warning, “Stunts shown are performed by experts and should not be imitated”. Click on the image below to play the video.


The campaign was developed at McCann Erickson, South & South East Asia by regional creative director Prasoon Joshi.

‘Smile’ was directed by Abhijit Chaudhuri, with Black Magic Motion Pictures.

City Lights was filmed in Panvel, near Mumbai, India, by Ram Madhvani via Equinox Films, Mumbai. According to AgencyFaqs! the set, including the bridge, was created articifially. Madhvani had the challenge of organising twenty actors who could stand or hang from the lamp posts and changeliers. Twelve of the actors came from Kerala, while the rest were from Mumbai.

The Sufi-inspired background score was written by Hindi film composer Shantanu Moitra, known for his Parineeta score. The lyrics, “Tera dil roshan, tera mann roshan”, were written by creative director Prasoon Joshi and sung by Kailash Kher, Pranav Biswas, Shantanu Moitra and Prasoon Joshi.