Shane Webcke Sings for Hammer Reef

Hammer Reef Dark Rum was launched in Australia with a television commercial featuring retiring Broncos rugby league player Shane Webcke. Shane Webcke sits at a grand piano and gives us the closest a tough league player can get to smooth romantic singing. The tagline: “Hammer Reef Dark Rum. You don’t have to be smooth to drink smooth.”

Shane Webcke at the piano in Hammer Reef TV ad

A great TV spot timed to be played during the Rugby League finals earlier this year. However for a brand launch there’s one thing missing, internet presence. There’s a reference to Hammer Reef rum being used in Coca Cola’s new premix drinks. And there are Hammer Reef bumper stickers for sale on eBay. But not much more. Click on the image below to play the video.

“When I’m in her womanly embrace…
my heart is full there is no space.
We’re meant to be, it’s fate!
The best bit is she’s cheap to date
In the moonlight her eyes just seem to glow
a bit like my old Monaro.
I fell for her, like an autumn leaf.
If she were a pie, she’d be beef.”


The Hammer Reef campaign was developed at The Works, Sydney by copywriter Sophie Farquhar.

Filming was shot by director Lee Rogers.

Music for Webcke’s performance was written by New Zealand musician/composer Peter Dasent.