Very Gold Coast somewhere beyond the sea

Gold Coast Tourism has spent nearly three million dollars on a brilliant integrated advertising campaign to attract tourists from around the world. The television commercial in the campaign features a mixture of live and animated portrayals of leisure on the Gold Coast, to the tune of “Under The Sea”, sung by Mark Rivett with The John Morrison Big Band.

The spot opens with a classic sea-side look at the high rise apartments of Surfers Paradise (live), with animated dolphins playing in the surf. A young girl (live) swims through clear waters surrounded by animated bubbles and leaves. We’re taken to a shot of bathers enjoying natural springs in the Gold Coast Hinterland. (Very Natural). Maroon animated butterflies provide a transition into the fine dining experiences (live and animated) – Very Hip. A small motorboat scoots past on one of the Gold Coast’s rivers. Children jump into the water. Very Free. Diners at the top of Q1, the Gold Coast’s highest building, look out over the seaside strip as day turns to night. The TV spot finishes with an animated shot of the Gold Coast Broadwater at night, with a reference to the Gold Coast Tourism website, The tagline: “Very Gold Coast”.

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Very Gold Coast Bar Very Gold Coast Boating

Very Gold Coast Hinterland Very Gold Coast Swimming

Very Gold Coast Beach Very Gold Coast Spa


The Very Gold Coast campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi, Sydney. Director was Sally Shapcott at Film Construction, NZ.

Illustrations for the Very Gold Coast TV ad and web site were developed by Steve Scott, a well known Australian artist based in London.

Gold Coast Very Hip Very Free Gold Coast

See also the more recent video directed by Tim Dryoff at Resolution Design.

John Morrison Music

The music for the Very Gold Coast TV ad was recorded by The John Morrison Big Band for the 2003 album, Accentuate The Positive, originally produced by MBF’s Be Positive campaign. The song was originally written in French (The Mer) and was written in English by Jack Lawrence in 1945. Bobby Darin made the song popular, as did Frank Sinatra and others since. See Useless Knowledge for more details on the song.

Lyrics used in Very Gold Coast

Gold Coast TourismSomewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships go sailing

Yeah we’re sailing
Oh baby we’re sailing