Godmarks Billboards in New Zealand

Two Auckland real estate agents, Greg and Judi Gibson, are behind a billboard campaign developed on God’s behalf in Auckland, New Zealand.

Judi was provoked into seeking God when she saw a billboard on Auckland’s Baptist Tabernacle in the 1960s. She and her husband were keen to see a non-confrontational approach to stimulating interest in God.

In the United States a billboard campaign, “God Speaks” had successfully captured the imagination of motorists across the country. It was time to try something of the same scale in NZ.

Jeremy O’Hanlon, hired by the Gibsons to work on the Godmarks campaign, said that research carried out last year by the All About Life campaign in Australia showed that people did not want to know about God because their views of Christianity were that it was hypocritical, judgmental, intolerant and boring.

Enter Billy McQueen, Simon Chesterman and Darryl Parsons from Auckland advertising agency Consortium.

What we ended up with was a localised version of a successful formula, with messages written on behalf of God for Auckland drivers. “Every day I get more prayer requests for carparks than anything else. You people have to start thinking bigger. – God.” “I miss how you used to talk to me when you were a kid. – God.” “I don’t mind if you yell at me, at least we’re talking” – God.”

See the campaign online at godmarks.co.nz.

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