Glassons Breast Cancer T-Shirts in New Zealand

Glassons, a New Zealand/Australian clothing company, plays a prominent role in the support of breast cancer research in New Zealand. In January each year, a specially designed range of T-shirts is sold with profits going to the Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust. To promote the new range earlier this year, Glassons worked with Publicis Mojo NZ to develop a television advertising campaign.

T-Shirt from Glassons Breast Cancer campaign

The 45 second spot begins with a group of young women and men relaxing together in a seaside camping ground. The first few shots reveal the new range of t-shirts being worn by young women. The video picks up its pace as all the characters gather together for a sack race. Now the t-shirts are being worn by both women and men. The spot ends as one of the women turns her back to reveal the super: “Together. Breast Cancer Research Trust T-Shirts”. The tagline, “Glassons is good for you”.


The Glassons Breast Cancer T-Shirt campaign was developed at Publicis Mojo, NZ, by creative directors Mikhail Gherman and Lachlan McPherson, with agency producer Sacha Loverich.

Filming was directed by Darryl Ward, who doubled as director of photography, with producer Seth Wilson and editor Sam Brunette at Curious Film, New Zealand.

No Tears No More

Soundtrack to the Glassons commercial is Bic Runga‘s song, “No Tears No More”, from her 2005 album, Birds, available at Amazon.

Lyrics for No Tears No More

Bic Runga Birds Album at Amazon.comI met my darling last night
I’ve never seen him before
He put his warm hand in mine
There’ll be no crying, Oh no more

And in a flutter of bees
And in a whisper of trees
I’ve never seen him before
There’ll be no crying, no more

There is no rest for the wicked
No blues like before
Our spell’s been lifted

Just like a baby born once more
On other side of the street
The flowers bloom where we meet
I’ve never seen him before
There’ll be no crying no more
There’ll be no crying no more

Bic Runga – Arrow at

Glassons TV ad with sack race