Apple Get A Mac Sequel

Apple have released the latest three instalments in the ‘Get A Mac’ series: Accident, Angel and Devil, and Trust Mac, as a follow up to their original online campaign: Apple Get A Mac.

Angel and devil advise PC in Get A Mac Ad


“I was sitting on my desk. Someone walked by, carelessly tripped over my power cord, yanked me straight down to the ground. Bang!” “Macs come with this power cord that connects magnetically so when it gets pulled it just ‘p’ pops right off.” “My life is flashing before my eyes. I see a sunset and a field of beautiful wheat.” “Isn’t that your screen saver?” Click on the image below to play the video.

Angel and Devil

The PC character (Hodgman) offers to take a look at Mac’s photo album. A PC clone in a red suit encourages him to go and rip it in half. Another clone, in a white suit, says that it’s beautiful. “You don’t care for arts and crafts. You like work!” “Wouldn’t hurt to loosen your neck tie once in a while and have a little fun”. “Fun? We tried that once and it was nothing but pain and frustration”. Click on the image below to play the video.

Trust Mac

PC appears in a Macintosh jacket. “Hello I’m a Mac”. “And I am no-one”. PC explains that it’s not very safe for him. There’s a lot of spyware out there that sneaks into your system and follows you wherever you go. Mac refuses PC’s offer of spy disguise. He doesn’t need it. Click on the image below to play the video.

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PC and Mac


The Get a Mac campaign was developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer Lee Clow, creative directors Duncan Miller and Eric Grunbaum, associate creative director/copywriter Barton Corley, art director Scott Trattner, copywriter Jason Sperling and agency producer Anne Oburgh.

Filming was shot by director Phil Morrison via Epoch Films with executive producer Jerry Solomon, producer Marc Marrie. Editor was Lucas Eskin at Mad River Post.

Sound was designed by Chris Hildrew. Music was produced at Mutato Muzika.