Kroll and Finnegan Get A Mac Spoof

Apple’s Get A Mac ads continue to appear, as do the spoofs. Nick Kroll and Christian Finnegan recently produced their version of the original series by John Hodgman and Justin Long, reviewed here on May 29, 2006. The Kroll/Finnegan Get A Mac Spoofs can be viewed at iFilm and Best Week Ever.

Kroll and Finnegan Get a Mac ad spoof

Script 1

Nick Kroll: Hello, I’m a Mac
Christian Finnegan: And I’m a PC
Kroll: I’m into doing fun stuff like music, movies podcasts, stuff like that.
Finnegan: And I’m into important stuff like spreadsheets, timesheets and pie charts.
Kroll: That’s cool but you can’t capture your family’s vacation on a pie chart.
Finnegan: Right, but a podcast about your favorite hoodies and independent film won’t help you pay for that vacation.
Kroll: No, that’s what my trust fund is for, but that’s a pretty sweet idea for a podcast.
Finnegan: Why am I even wasting my time talking to this jackass?
Kroll: Dude, don’t be a hater! You can borrow my isight camera.

Script 2

Nick Kroll: Hello, I’m a Mac.
Christian Finnegan: And I’m a PC.
Kroll: Dude, I just made this sweet mashup with the new Gnarls Barkley song mixed with scenes from Psycho the Alfred Hitchcock classic the other day on my Mac. It’s pretty meta.
Finnegan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Knoll: Basically I stole footage from Psycho and then borrowed music from the Gnarls Barkley song and put them all together. It’s mad stupid.
Finnegan: Do you know what I think is stupid?
Kroll: What?
Finnegan: Expensive worn jeans, ironic t-shirts and pretentious film school glasses.
Kroll: Do you mean like stupid stupid or cool stupid?

Script 3

Nick Kroll: Hello, I’m a Mac.
Christian Finnegan: And I’m a PC.
Kroll: Oh righteous, you’ve got an iPod!
Finnegan: Yes, it works with my PC. I also enjoy listening to songs.
Kroll: Well you should check out iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, they all work like iTunes. You know it’s like iLife. It comes with every Mac.
Finnegan: Have you ever heard of You Shut?
Kroll: No, what is that? Some PC program that competes with Mac?
Finnegan: No. You Shut the f**k up you pompous pr*ck or I’ll shove this iPod up your ass.
Kroll: That’s like a really long name for a software program.
Finnegan: Yeah.

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