Get A Mac Loading Ready Run

Another Get A Mac spoof has appeared on the internet, just as we hear that Apple plans to keep developing new spots in the genuine campaign. See my posts on the first Get A Mac spots featuring John Hodgman and Justin Long, and the Get a Mac spoofs featuring Nick Kroll and Christian Finnegan. The Rejected ‘Get A Mac’ ads were released by the team at and feature Jeremy Michael Petter, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Paul Saunders and Bill Watt. The spoofs were written by Graham Stark and Jeremy, with graphics by Paul and editing by Graham.

Characters in Get A Mac Spoof from Loading Ready Run

Click on the image below to play the video.

The 11 mb quicktime Get A Mac spoof includes seven spots, each ending with a still life shot: Warcraft and Counterstrike, Lost, Unix Core, Duct Tape, Juggling Balls, Commodore 64 Gamer, and Drunk.

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