Geico Gecko voice-over by Jake Wood

It’s been a while coming, but the news is now out that the new voice of Geico Gecko, in a hybrid Cockney London style, is Jake Wood, English comedian and actor. Read on for an exploration of the new Cockney accent, a background on Jake and a taste of the new commercials.

Jake Wood as Max Branning

Jake Wood

Jake started his television work at the age of thirteen, with a role as Little John in medieval movie The Rose and the Sword (aka Flesh and Blood) in 1985. Last month, Jake started his new role as Max Branning in the English television series, EastEnders. In between he’s appeared as Jurka in The Illusionist (2006), Emil Maurice in Uncle Adolf (2005), Dresler in The Aryan Couple (2004), Detective Sergeant Pete Ainsworth in Lenny Blue TV series (2002), Tough Love TV Series (2000), Doug Wilson in The Wilsons (2000) and Kill Crazy in Red Dwarf (1999).

Geico Gecko Accents

In the Gecko’s Blog, there’s a post on the accent on April 27:

A lot of people are writing to me asking, “What’s up with your accent?” Some people say I sound like an Aussie from “down under.” (After all, geckos are found all over the world.) Others say it sounds like an East End London, or Cockney, accent. Cockneys are considered working-class inhabitants of London. According to tradition, the strict definition is limited to those born within earshot of the bells of St. Mary-le-Bow, a historic church in the City of London. I think I’d agree that my voice does sound a bit like an East End London accent. Some of you write to ask why I have an accent. Others want to know why it is that accent. I dunno; I guess everybody has to sound like something. It would certainly be hard to get the word out about GEICO making the “clicking” sound many geckos make. Isn’t it enough that you know a talking gecko, especially one who can help you save on car insurance? Despite (or maybe because of) the controversy, I seem to be making a lasting impression. As for me, I’m not concerned with geography or nationality. I’ll just continue to “accent” the savings with GEICO!

Now for the record, the Geico Gecko has been voiced by Kelsey Grammar (the stiff English accent), Richard Steven Horvitz (the voice in the Kung Fu Fighting spot), and Dave Kelly (the relaxed British-Aussie accent).

Recent Geico Gecko Commercials

Three of the eight commercials featuring Jake Wood’s voice are featured at Framestore New York, the company responsible for the visual effects. The spots were created at The Martin Agency, Richmond, Virginia, by Steve Bassett, Joe Lawson and Ken Hines, and produced by Kerry Berkbigler Ayers. Animations and filming was directed by Speck/Gordon, Furlined, with producer David Thorne. Lead CG Animator/Effects Supervisor at Framestore CFC was Dave Hulin, with producer Sarah Dowland.

The three spots feature the Geico Gecko recruiting fellow small reptiles as sales reps for Geico Insurance.

Big News

Geico Gecko talks about the big newsPeople who visit could save hundreds on car insurance. Yeah? Which is big news. Yeah? But not if noone hears it. Which is why I need to help spread the word. Otherwise our big news is nothing but a stray little fact, a wee orphan of truth, wandering the streets looking for a home in someone’s ear. I knew it was here.


Geico Gecko gives the invitation pep talk‘oy check this right. Three million drivers switched to Geico last year yeah? I’m telling you this, why? Because I want you to help spread the word. Bloke hears that number he’s quite impressed. He’s like “Three million! That’s a lot of people. Why wasn’t I invited?”. Then you’re like, “Of course you’re invited”. So he stops by and he gets his free great quote. OK. Sure. It’s not a real party, it’s a web site but at least now the fellow’s done his homework.


Geico Gecko is eyeballed by lizardLook here’s the deal. When you talk about you want to communicate three things. Easy to use. No middle man. Could save you hundreds on car insurance. Other than that just sort of be personable. Yeah the old “Nice weather i’n’t it? Cup of tea? That’s be lovely! How’s your mum? Cheers. (The lizard licks its eyeball). I’d stick with the small talk mate. Theatrics. Might come across as a bit cheesy.

Why a Gecko?

Because a Gecko can be trusted…

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

See my earlier post on Geico Gecko from October 2005. See also my June 2006 post on AdAge’s Geico Gecko Podcast.

  • dele

    i heard a couple of months ago that the geiko was going to be phased out because jake wood had sent a e-mail to someone making fun of people with low IQs
    anyone know about this???

    • He look like the goddamn gecko. he should do the voice over.

      • CM

        Watch your filthy mouth!

      • Patty Kerr

        I agree . Small language , small mind . Go figure .

    • joe

      I thought that was the “15 minutes could save you 15% or more” guy…

  • Interesting – I thought it was more of an aussie accent. Jake has had a nice run. has the gecko really been around for 4 years?

  • Frank

    I feel as though the Geko should have a geordie accent !!!

  • Bruce

    Enough of the gecko already. Every time I hear it’s voice I do something to silence it. Mute it, change station…shut off tv. ENOUGH!

  • pat nava

    I love the voice please keep it he is cute also

  • glenda vick

    I never get tired of the gecko. It is the only commercials I like. Why? Because the gecko is so cute I could watch him for hours. I love listening to his voice too. It is cool. My son said the only good Geiko commercials are with the gecko too. The gecko is so cute I just want to hug him.

  • Lavonne Graves

    Please do not do away with the GECKO for the Geico commercials. This is the best thing ever on TV. I don’t mind who does the voice. It’s too cute to elinate the Gecko. Recently, I’ve seen a couple of other Geico commercials without the Gecko, and it just isn’t the same. Don’t mess with perfection, PLEASE!

  • Ray Sikes

    I think the Gecko and the voice over is cool. I did have to listen to one commercial several times to understand the thick accent. The one where is
    he is watching a parade and a float of the gecko comes by….I finally understood “who do I write a letter about that”..I read that Kelsey Grammer did the voice over on the earlier commercials…fact or fiction? Anyway, the Roadrunner commercial was cool….”meep meep?”
    Still miss the caveman

  • Don o

    The Gecko is great, can we get ride of Flo? PLEASE.

    • Diane

      I second that on Flo. PLEASE!!

      • Diane

        AND Norm McDonald can go too, slobby has-been for Safe Auto.

  • Barbara

    I love the Gecko, makes one want to go out buy the insurance just cause you love him. I wish he had a blog for his fans and a tv show of his own.They should make little images of him to give to thei costumers.

  • Ali

    The gecko is really a newt. A cute newt. A cute newt with a cute voice to boot!

  • shoes

    Hand’s off the geico I racked my brains wondering who’s voice it was and just found out its our jake good on ya mate love the ad’s

  • Ali,

    You are right that the Geico ‘gecko’ is not a gecko, but it is NOT a Newt.

    It is a Carolina Anole — see (or search the internet for a Carolina Anole lizard)

    A newt doesn’t have scales. But the Geico lizard does.

    Other than the lack of scales, however (the Newt being an amphibian, a lizard being a reptile) — some newts look otherwise IDENTICAL to Anole and Gecko lizards.

  • bikerchick63

    no, it is a Madagascar gecko