Geico Gecko Podcast Interview

Geico Gecko’s first podcast was released yesterday by David Thorne, Executive Producer at Furlined, in association with The Martin Agency and Advertising Age Magazine. Jonah Bloom, executive editor of Advertising Age talks to Geico Gecko about his experience as an advertising icon. The podcast is a 5.91 mb mp3 audio file. Fascinating to see is the image that shows up in iTunes when playing the podcast – a photograph of Jake Woods. Subtle confirmation of the new voiceover identity.

Bloom asks Geico about the move from indoors to the jungle. Geico explains that he likes catching up with his mum, visiting the lads and watching the football. They speculate on the impact of the Geico Gecko ads on the public – developing a double digit share of the market for Geico, and perhaps influence on American purchases of pie and chips. You can talk about Geico’s competitive rates all day but if you don’t do it in an entertaining way people are going to change the channel. He respects his fellow icons but explains that he wasn’t classically trained as an icon.

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See the transcript online at AdAge.

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