Geico Celebrities Campaign

Geico Insurance has supplemented its Geico Gecko campaign with a series of television commercials featuring real customers alongside professional celebrities, Burt Bacharach, Peter Graves, Don LaFontaine, Little Richard, Charo and Verne Troyer. Voiceover is by D.C. Douglas (Lance Baxter).

Don LaFontaine speaks in Geico TV ad

Geico, Peter Graves and Caitlin Gardner

Caitlin Gardner is a real person not an actor. So to help tell her story Geico hired an actor, Peter Graves, a man with huge hands and huge gestures.
Gardner: My husband totalled our new SUV on my birthday.
Graves: But you know I still love him.
Gardner: Less than six hours after the accident the Geico claims adjuster was at my house.
Graves: I put on some tangerine lip gloss and answered the door.
Gardner: Geico service turned out to be the best birthday present I could ever want.
Graves: I was one lucky woman.
Voiceover: Geico. Real service. Real savings.

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Geico, Don LaFontaine and Paul Sala

Paula Sala is backed up by Don LaFontaine, “that announcer guy from the movies”, who speaks to the accompaniment of stirring movie trailer music and sound effects.

Don LaFontaine speaks in Geico TV ad

Sala: When the storm hit both our cars were totally under water.
LaFontaine: In a world where both of our cars were totally under water…
Sala: We thought it would take forever to get some help.
LaFontaine: But new wind was about to blow!
Sala: With Geico we had our cheque in two days!
LaFontaine: Payback. This time it’s for real!
Voiceover: Geico. Real service. Real savings. (with a dog barking in the background).

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Burt Bacharach and Brenda Coates

Brenda Coates, who works at High Point University in North Carolina, tells the story of a car accident with the help (or hindrance) of singer/songwriter Burt Bacharach, sitting at the piano. See the High Point University story on Brenda’s experience of filming the ad in Hollywood. Responses to the ad have been hot and cold. Some are captivated by the quirky humour expressed in the straight Coates/humorous Bacharach combination. Others are just disturbed by the apparent deterioration of Bacharach’s appearance and behaviour. See comments at Adjab for a sample of responses.

Coates: Last I was rear ended by a Geico customer.
Bacharach: I was hit in the rear
Coates: First thought in my mind was about that funny lizard
Bacharach: Lizard licks his eyeball…
Coates: I was so impressed by how they handled my claim, I switched
Bacharach: I hope that I never get hit in the rear…
Voiceover: Geico. Real service. Real savings.

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Burt Bacharach blogs at Huffington Post

Geico, Verne Troyer and Rick Wilcockson

Mini-Me Verne Troyer teams up with real customer Rick Wilcockson to tell the Geico story over a barbecue.

Wilcockson: Originally I switched to Geico to save money. But then I was in an accident.
Troyer: Yeah, that’s right, I was in an accident!
Wilcockson: I got on the phone and called Geico.
Troyer: Yeah, hello! Hey! How’s it going?
Wilcockson: After a few days I had my repair check. It was fantastic.
Troyer: Yeah, I got the check. Got my coffee. It’s my birthday. Fixed my bumper. New tail lights.

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Geico Celebrity Credits

The Geico Celebrities campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, by creative director Steve Bassett, art director Adam Stockton, copywriter Bob Meagher, agency producer Holly Flaisher and assistant producer Valerie Battenfeld.

Filming as directed by Chris Smith at Smuggler, Hollywood, with director of photography Stefan Czapsky.

Editor was Dick Gordon at Spot Welders, New York, with assistant editor Dahkil Hausif.

Sound was mixed by Mark Harder at McHale at Irving Place, New York. Casting Director at McHale at Irving Place was Erik Sanchez.

Voiceover for the Geico celebrities ads was D.C. Douglas.

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  • Little Richard

    Mashed potatos, graaavy, and ca-ranberry sauce! WOOO HOOO!

  • liz


    “so I put on some tangerine lip gloss and answered the door.”

  • D.C. al Fine

    Who believes Burt Bacharach when he sings “I hope I never get hit in the rear again”?

    I’m just asking.

  • Gina

    The announcer’s pretty sexy, too…

  • poe

    geico is the worst ads i have ever seen in my life.everytime i turn the t.v. on i keep the remote by my side in case geico comes on the t.v. that way i don’t have to watch the worst i ever seen. i can’t believe you would think somebody would buy insurance off geico after watching the trash advertisement you offer. you have been clearly been taken to the cleaners by whoever thought that rubbish up.

  • Moosman

    Personaly I think they are pretty funny, and Compared to the rest of the Commercials on the T.V. its wonderfull! If I could replace all the Commercials on T.V. w/ Geico Commercials, I would do it.

    Think about it:
    No profanity
    No Annoying Noises
    Not Loud
    Relativly Short

  • poe

    see you guys are stiil at it. people must have mush between their ears to think these commercials are good. they make me sick, and i can’t wait till smokey crashes his bike and dies.

  • Andy

    This has to be the absolute worst advertising campaign currently running. There is nothing clever nor funny about these spots and they just do not flow. The “interpretations” that these personalities give of the customers accounts seldom have anything to do with what the customer is talking about. Absolute garbage. I cringe anytime one comes on.

  • Marty Bresson

    I think these spots are hysterical! I wish they’d do more. They are certainly more for the sophisticated viewer. The humor is in the whole, not laugh lines. I love them!

  • Betty

    I loved those ads. I wish they’d make more!

  • I loved seeing these spots when this campaign ran. It’s sad that there won’t be any more with Don LaFontaine.

  • Thanks for sharing a variety of the GEICO spots featuring so many great people! Don LaFontaine was a friend of mine and I’m glad to see that you’ve included his commercial with GEICO in your roundup as well.

    Best wishes,

    Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Co-founder of

  • Flattered to be acknowledged in this post! God, I loved doing that campaign. Best voice over gig. Fingers crossed they bring it back!

  • paulfloyd

    In the Verne Troyer ad, I think he says I got my “car fixed” not “my coffee”. These are great commercials.

  • J Hall

    It’s a shame you couldn’t use the REAL Little Richard.
    Whazamadda? Did he want too much money to do the spot, or sumpin?