GE Imagination Theater Series

General Electric is extending its “Imagination” campaign with a series of short films, hosted at GE Imagination Theater. The first four videos are being released in stages, with 30 second trailers promoting the films to Time Warner Cable Video on Demand customers. The full videos will be released on the GE site later in December and in January 2007, and then on, and The Imagination Theater campaign builds on the lessons learnt from GE’s One Second Theater launched in May.

Jeremy hides at the water cooler in GE Cubicle

The Imagination Theater is designed to provide links to videos of GE researchers talking about reearch into sustainable energy. Vlatko Vlatovic, head of renewable energy research, demonstrates the latest on affordable solar energy in the home. Mike Bowman takes viewers inside the cleaner coal research lab. Margaret Blohm, manager of GE’s nanotechnology lab, looks at the lessons learnt from nature. Mike Montalto of GE Global Research discusses how molecular imaging technologies are being used to see disease earlier.

The Crossing

The Crossing

Four animated characters face a large crevasse. “They’ll make it across or go down trying…” Click on the image below to play the video.


Jeremy gets a job working as an officer junior. Unfortunately finding accommodation is harder than expected. The solution? Sleep in the cubicle. Will June, the earlybird busybody find out? Click on the image below to play the video.


Joe has a problem. He’s pregnant. Over time his forehead swells with expectation until finally the moment arrives for the birth of a new idea.

Joe's expecting an idea


A samurai is about to be ‘swiftly dealt with’ by the emperor when he talks his way into an extension of life. He’s sent on an expedition that must produce the correct results. Otherwise his extension of life will be temporary… Click on the image below to play the video.


The GE Imagination Theater campaign was developed at BBDO New York by executive creative director Don Schneider, creative director Scott Kaplan, associate creative director/art director Kathleen Van Hoff, executive producer Peter Feldman. The four shorts were produced from 159 scripts submitted by “the 100 creative people of the entire agency, not just those who work on the G.E. account,” said David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer for the BBDO North American operations. (New York Times)

Filming for the live action spots, The Cubicle and Birth, was directed by Mike Maguire via The Directors Bureau, with executive producers Melissa Culligan and Cayce Cole, and producer Katrine Haberstock.

Filming for The Crossing was directed by Erica Ackerlund via HSI, London. Original music and sound is provided by Quakebasket.

Editing for the Cubicle and Birth spots was done at Final Cut, New York, by Gary Knight. Anchor Mak worked on the 30 second cutdowns and 15 second trailers for all four videos. Other Final Cut team members were executive producer Stephanie Apt and producer Sonali de Silva, sound designer Terressa Tate.