Gatorade Rain – Birth of the New Cool

Gatorade promoted its new product line, Rain, this year with a series of three athletes hatching out of a basketball, a volleyball and a football. Each 30 second spot ends with the voice-over: “Introducing the rebirth of Cool. Gatorade Rain. Start crisp. Finish clean. Stay cool in the heat. Gatorade Rain.”

Kerri Walsh in Gatorade Rain TV ad

An offical NBA Spalding basketball sits on an outdoor basketball court as day turns into night, sunshine turns into thunder and lightning. Red-colored rain falls from the sky, splotching on the ball. Tendrils emerge from the ball, digging deep into the ground. The ball rapidly expands and a muscled figure emerges – Kevin Garnett. Garnett stretches his arms and drinks from a bottle of Berry flavoured Gatorade Rain. Click on the image below to play the Basketball video.

An AVP Wilson beach volleyball rests on a sand court as night turns into day and sunshine turns into thunder and lightning. Orange rains drips onto the ball. Once again the ball expands as a female athlete stretches and bursts through into the open. It is Kerri Walsh, professional American volleyball player. Walsh stretches her arms and drinks from a bottle of Tangerine-flavoured Gatorade Rain. Click on the image below to play the Volleyball video.

An official NFL Wilson football lies on the turf of a gridiron football stadium, as the elements close in rapid motion. This time the rain is green. The ball’s outer is discarded and the inner bladder expands as a football athlete pushes his way into the world. Peyton Manning stands staunchly in the green rain, takes a swig from his Lime-flavoured Gatorade Rain, and stretched his arms to the skies. Click on the image below to play the Football video.


The Gatorade Rain campaign was developed at Element 79 by creative director Doug Behm, art director Derrick Ho, copywriter Perry Fair, agency producer Rob Jaeger and account supervisor Don Durbin.

Director was Neill Blomkamp via RSA Films, with executive producers Jules Daly and Fran McGivern, director of photography Chris Soos, and producer Page Seidel.

Editor was Bob Carr at Red Car, Chicago.

Visual effects were developed at The Embassy VFX and Origami Digital, whose teams included producer Charlie Bradbury, senior animator Simon Van de Lagemaat, CG artists Marc Roth, Dan Prentice, Tristam Gieni, Paul Copeland, Michael Blackborne, senior compositor Stephen Pepper, compositor Gary Walker, VFX supervisor Trevor Cawood and post producer Shannon Worley.

Garnett breaks out of Basketball Pod

The actors were shot on green screen and all the environment was digitally created. Origami Digital worked on digital environments, compositing, atmospheric effects and replacement of logos on the balls. Embassy VFX worked on the growth animations.

Sound was designed by Kim B. Christensen at Noises Digital with sound editor Scott Koue.

Music was produced by Stimmung.

Peyton Manning in Gatorade Rain TV ad