Free Mammograms in Illinois Preventing Breast Cancer

Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program has been offering free mammograms, breast exams, pelvic exams and pap tests to eligible women since 1995. The program is aimed at women living in Illinois who do not have health insurance, have limited income, are between the ages of 40 and 64 (for mammograms and breast exams), or between 35-64 (for pelvic exams and Pap tests). Medical research in Illinois indicated that African-American women were 60 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than Caucasian women, despite similar rates of diagnosis. The Illinois Department of Health sponsored a print campaign to promote the mammogram and breast examination service among these women.

Each Day You Are Offered New Gifts

Each day new gifts are placed before you. Don’t let any of them go unopened. For information about eligibility for a free mammogram or Pap test, call 1-888-522-1282.

Each Day You Are Offered New Gifts

The garden you have planted, tended and nurtured all these years is in full bloom. For information about eligibility for a free mammogram or Pap test, call 1-888-522-1282.

 Each day you fit another piece in place

Life is a big beautiful puzzle. Each day you fit another piece in place and get to see more of the picture.


The Free Mammograms in Illinois campaign, launched in 2002, was developed at Fuse, Inc, Saint Louis, by creative director Michael Franklin, art director Jerry McGee, copywriters Clifford Franklin and Howard Work.

  • mara strugach

    I was interested in finding out where i can go to get a free mammogram and pap smear. I do not have medical insurance and my regulas Gyne, is quite expensive. I live in the northwest suburbs, wheeling

    Thank you
    Mara Strugach

  • evelyn dunlap

    yes i have a 66yr old mom whoes been on a job for almost 30 yrs with no health benefits. when she remarried she had insurance through her husband job, but when he lost his job several years ago, her coverage was over. now theres been several family members who have literally in packs just the past year of cancer we been to 5 funerals in 6 months from family members that the cancers rushes in w/o warning instantly kills them . my mom has been searching to find a free mamogram and everytime she goes they want to charge her arm and a leg. why cant a senior citizen of 66 yrs old get a free mamogram, papsmear and blood work? please help us

  • tracey voight

    need to know where i can go for a free mamogram and pap smear, i live on the East side of Elgin, Illinois

    Thank you

  • Joel Peltz

    My 38 year old girlfriend has found a lump in her left breast. She is uninsured and terrified. If someone has any information they could pass on, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joel and Leslie

    • Rochelle

      Have her call 888-522-1282 and they will be able to guide her in the right direction. There are programs availalbe and they depend on her age, and marital status. If she has children it will be even easier to get her what she needs if she meets the income requirements. Good luck. Most lumps are beign….

  • Emily Griffin

    I need to know where to get a free mamogram.


    i am 32 years old and i found a lump in one of my breast. i am terrified and and i dont have any insurance . i was looking for a place where i can go do free mammogram. i live in marion il thank you!

  • Sherry Robinson

    I am a 56 year old woman. I have losted my insurance and need to take my yearly mamogram. Is there a place that is free for testing?

  • Beata

    I am looking for free mamogram


    I need of a free mamogram and cervical exam. I have been without insurence for a year.

  • Jolanta

    i lost my insurance in spring how can i get free or affordable mammogram?

  • Veronica

    Call this # for freemammogram in Chicago 312 770 3622

    • valencia

      does this free mamogram in chicago also include the surrounding suburbs. I live in plainfield, il (will county)

  • linda

    I live in Joliet Il. Lost my job.. where can I go for a free mammogram

  • Lisa Caviness

    I live in Chester IL 62233 I am 40 with one sister who had part of one breast removed now it is back. I need to get a mammogram I have no insurance and I am waiting on my disability. I have no income. I have several thyroid nodules that they say are folicular cells but not cancerous my mom had thyroid cancer. I am worried because I have had this pain in my left breast for a few months that is consistant and don’t go away er says I need my dr to schedule test but I cant afford to go to dr or for test… can anyone offer any advise for me… Thanks