Ford Fusion in TV Commercials

Ford is promoting the launch of its new car, the Ford Fusion, with television advertisements aimed at its target audience – 25 to 35 year olds. In one of Ford’s press releases Carl Warner, creative director and senior partner at JWT, says that the target audience for the Fusion ranges from college aged to 35 and older, with 25 to 35 being the heart of it. “They’ve achieved some success, but still haven’t settled down and are still discovering. They’re lives aren’t in neutral. They’re living life in drive,” said Warner.

Liquid floats in the air in Ford Fusion TV commercial

In “Particles” a guy using an iPod sends white particles of energy to dancers at the train station, to a roller skater on the street, and to a cat jumping in front of a wall-mounted plasma screen. The particles fuse at a city intersection to create the Ford Fusion, driven by the iPod guy. The voiceover: “Because a car shouldn’t just use energy. It should create it. Introducing the mid size Ford Fusion. More innovation from Ford for a life in drive.” Click on the image below to play the Particles video.

The music is the introduction to “Cold Hearts, Warm Hands”, by Brendan Benson, from his album Alternative to Love.

Cold Hands (Warm Heart) – Smallville, Vol. 2: Metropolis Mix (Original Soundtrack)

Brendan Benson Alternative to Love album at

In “Ignition” a brand new red Ford Fusion is stopped in the street. A hand inserts the ignition key and turns. The resulting ripple effect spreads through the air, changing the scenery, pedestrians clothing styles, dogs and interior decor. A couple sitting apart on a roadside seat end up together in an embrace. Wherever the car goes, styles change. The voiceover: “Because a car shouldn’t just use energy. It should create it. Introducing the mid size Ford Fusion. More innovation from Ford for a life in drive.”

15 Second Teasers

In “Trash Day” a man walks to the street with his two trash cans only to see the collection truck driving away. Voiceover: “This is life.” The camera cuts to shots of the new red Ford Fusion driving through the city streets. “This is life in drive.”

In “Doggy” a woman stands by her dog waiting. She pulls out a plastic bag and wraps it around her hand. Now we understand what’s she’s been waiting for… “This is life”. Once again the new red car. “This is life in drive.”


Ford Fusion ‘Particles’ was created at advertising agency J Walter Thompson Detroit, by executive creative director Tom Cordner, writer Chris Sadlier, art director James Gough, creative directors Ed Cole and Carl Warner, and director of broadcast production Carole Gall.

Ford Fusion ‘Particles’ was directed by Joseph Kahn at HSI with producer Robert Rashid, director of photography Tobias Schliessler and executive producer Michael McQuhae. Joseph Kahn is known for his music videos, including Britney Spears ‘Toxic’, Chemical Brothers ‘Get Yourself High’, U2 ‘Elevation’ and Eminem ‘Without Me’.

Editor was Steve Bell at Cosmo Street. Audio Post was done by Peter Rincon at POP Sound. Syndicate looked after post production, including VFX and Colorist: Beau Leon. Production design was done by Jason Edmonds at Set Solutions. Voice over is by Stanley Tucci.

Really Really Fast the Final Chapter

Carl Edwards speaks in Ford Fusion adCarl Edwards, 2005 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race winner, stars in an extended rockumentary promoting the Ford Fusion. Edwards won four races in the 2005 Nextel Cup and tied for second overall behind Tony Stewart. Ford is introducing the Ford Fusion onto the racetrack to replace the Taurus.

FX was at the racetrack with Ford motor company announced Ford racing driver Carl Edwards as the hero in a new movie, “Really Really Fast: The Final Chapter.” “The bad guy hijacks this Fusion so I have to take mine off the track to catch him”, says Edwards. And here’s what director Christian Beau thinks of working with the NASCAR star. “I’m told he’s really good and so far he hasn’t crashed anything so everybody’s real happy about that.”

Director in Ford Fusion Racing AdFX takes us for a behind the scenes look at the screen tests for Really Really Fast The Final Chapter. The director explains that he’s looking for the ability to say lines under pressure. He’s trying people out for the hostage scene filmed in the back seat of the speeding Ford Fusion. What follows is stunt driving on a wet car park with unnerved back seat passengers trying to get their lines out.

Vertical – Unexpected Traction

A couple sitting in a Ford Fusion slip on a CD playing Metro Area’s 1999 electronica hit, “Atmosphrique”. As they groove to the beat we’re given a few clues about their vertical orientation. The guy’s tie floats in the air. The woman pours liquid from a bottle that drifts in zero gravity, only to splash in her face when the guy applies the brakes. They get out of the car and throw the keys to a doorman at their club. He looks up, stunned to see the Ford Fusion parked on the side of the building. The voiceover: “Unexpected Traction – the new all wheel drive. Fusion – from Ford.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Vertical spot was developed at Young & Rubicam, Toronto. Filming was directed by Ian Robertson at Avion Films, Toronto, with director of photography Dylan MacLeod. Visual effects were developed at Buzz and Flashcut.

Download Metro Area Atmosphrique from iTunes:

Metro Area - Metro Area - Atmosphrique

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