Ford Courier separates the man from the boys

Ford Australia promoted the four wheel drive Courier with a humorous association with Australian stereotypes of masculinity. The 30 second ad is set at an Australian barbecue – the place where Aussie blokes congregate. However, the driver of the Ford Courier ute reveals that his vehicle has what the others are missing.

Ford Courier Barbecue

The ad begins with a bunch of high pitched men chatting over the sausages on the barbecue. “So how’s your truck going Bill?” “Alright. What about yours?” “Yeah can’t complain.” “Hey! Isn’t that Johnno? Hey Johnno! Get over here mate! See you’ve got a new Ford Courier. So how’s it going?” In a very deep voice: “Bloody beautiful mate.” The voiceover: “Ford Courier – it’s got what the others are missing.” The more recent version of the ad has an additional voiceover: “And now available with the new 5 speed auto and a big 4 litre V6.”
The boys all goo with a high pitched “Oh nice!” Click on the image below to play the video.


The Ford Courier barbecue concept was developed at JWT Melbourne by ceative director and writer Jeremy Wynne, art director Vince D’Angelo and agency producer Beaver.

The Ford Balls TV spot was directed by Ernie Clark, Adelaide, with producers Paula Smith and Leona Cichon. Note that Ernie is now working with Spirit Films, Adelaide.

Post Production was done at Tide Digital Editing, Melbourne, by editor Gary Woodyard, flame artist Nicky Grade, and Martin Greer at Digital Pictures.

The Ford Courier Barbecue ad was originally shot with a silver car. There were two versions, one for New Zealand with another silver car with different specs. The original advertisement’s director of photographyer was Graeme Wood. When the new Courier model came out with the V6 motor, Ernie served as director of photography for a re-shoot, shooting all the scenes with the new Burgundy coloured car and the guy with the deep voice.

Ford Courier Barbecue

Ernie says that the cast with the squeaky voices all delivered their lines in those high pitch voices as it gave a better performance. “It was hilarious in casting and on the shoot to get these big butch guys to talk like that.”