Folgers Coffee help tolerate Happy Morning

Folgers, the North American coffee brand, is causing a stir with the viral advertising campaign, “Happy Mornings”, with a 90 second advertisement featuring shiny happy people. The 90 second spot opens with dawn on a New Zealand beach, with the sound of seagulls and surf. A dog watches a deflated ball. A couple walk along a pavement. As the sun comes over the horizon we see a dance troupe dressed in yellow walking in from the sea and on to the beach.

Folgers sun beams enter window

Three yellow sunbeams zoom down out of the sky, over the rooftops. The dawn chorus of yellow dancers now grows louder, releasing singing birds into the mix and sending light into bedrooms. Not content with voices, the shiny yellow people play percussion, recorders (whistles) and accordions.

Music played in Folgers TV ad

The walking couple arrive home from their party. Others wake up and greet the dawn with bleary attitudes, struggling to cope with the arrival of the yellow dawn. What appears to be the solution for this irritation is Folgers Classic Roast coffee brewing in the kitchen.

Man tolerates mornings in Folgers TV ad

Finally, a coffee drinker starts to sing along to the tune, “Happy Morning”, as the super, “Tolerate Mornings”, provides a link to the web site

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Happy Morning Credits

The Folgers Happy Mornings campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, by creatives Leo Premutico and Jan Jacobs, executive creative director Tony Granger and executive producer Sheld J. Levy.

Filming in New Zealand was directed by Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop, New Zealand, with producer Cindy Kavanagh and director of photography Jac Fitzgerald.

Colorist was Dave Gibson at Digital Post, Auckland. Post production was supervised by Puck Murphy at Perceptual Engineering, Auckland.

Choreography was directed by Michael Rooney.

Music was created by Los Angeles songwriting duo Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner. Sound was engineered by Phillip Loeb at Sound Lounge, New York.

Folgers Happy Morning

Folgers Happy Morning Lyrics

Ah cha cha cha
Hello world
We’re shining so bright
A new day’s here
It’s really dynamite
Feel the love
Savor the joy
There’s a rainbow for each girl and boy
All day long

Happy morning!
Rise and shine!
Happy morning!
Rise and shine!
Get up, get out of bed
You can sleep when you are dead

Partied hard
Stayed up real late
Time for work
and you can hardly wait
Scrub a dub dub
Doodle de do
Spread the sunshine inside of you

Cause it’s a happy morning
Happy morning!
Wake up you sleepy head
You can sleep when you are dead!
You can sleep when you are dead!

  • barbie

    hi, i was one of the “yellow people”…this ad was filmed in auckland, new zealand. the opening scene is down by our harbour, and that first yellow guy rolling in on skate-shoes is my son, george. the whole day was very UP in atmosphere & we all thought we were hilariously funny! (:D i guess it may be a little arty for some people’s taste, but everywhere i look on the net, no one seems to at least get the joke of it! the point being: in the morning (& we can all identify with this! :), when you don’t want to get up, things that should seem wonderful and fun seem irritating to one’s slothful self. this is the self that is being admonished with the very TRUE fact that there will be plenty of time for sleeping one day, so let’s live life to the full NOW while we have the chance, and, okay, maybe with the help of a nice cup of coffee! and if, by the time we’re ready to check out of this world, we can give nice, cheerful people a chance, and not find them ‘creepy’ and irritating, then it will not be hard to head for that wonderful Light and Wake Up in Heaven… without the help of folgers, lol! (ps: im the one in the pale bubble hairdo with a little bow, doing the “crazy baby” run towards the camera at one point! 🙂

  • Joel

    Ha ha! I saw you Barbie. I found this on YouTube some time ago (didn’t air in the US) and my brother and I still laugh over it. We got the joke the first time when we saw.

  • I’ve experienced the sun-beam people in real life too many times, so it’s easy to relate “Aw, What’s a matter? Not a Morning person?” even though it’s a commercial, I’m having giggles about this all day.

    But I still don’t drink coffee.