Revista Flags Raise World Issues

Portugese magazine, Revista Grande Reportagem, ran a series of eight flag-related images in 2005 designed to provoke an awareness of life issues in different parts of the world. The magazine had moved from being an independent magazine to being the weekend supplement for the daily national newspaper, Diário de Notícias.

USA attitudes towards war in Iraq

USA. Red is in favour of the war in Iraq. White is against the war in Iraq. Blue don’t know where Iraq is.

Women in Somalia facing genital mutilation

Somalia. Blue is women who endure genital mutilation. White is women who do not endure genital mutilation.

14 Year Olds Studying and Working in China

China. Red is working 14 year olds. Yellow is studying 14 year olds.

Income in Brazil

Brazil. Green live with less than 10 dollars a month. Yellow live with less than 100 dollars a month. Blue live with less than 1000 dollars a month. White live with more than 100,000 dollars a month.

Disease in Angola

Angola. Red is people infected by HIV. Black is people infected by malaria. Yellow is people with access to medical care.

Colombia Flag used in Print Campaign

Colombia. Red is exportation of bananas. Blue is exportation of coffee. Yellow is exportation of cocaine.

Burkina Faso flag

Burkina Faso. Children who die before completing one year of age. Green is children who die before their third birthday. Yellow is children who reach maturity.

European Union Flag used in Portugese campaign

EU (European Union). Blue is oil consumption. Yellow is oil production.


The Bandeiras campaign was developed at Foote Cone & Belding, Lisbon, by creative director Luís Silva Dias and Duarte Pinheiro de Melo, copywriter Icaro Dória, and art director Joãn Roque. The figures were gathered from sites such as and

The Bandeiras campaign won the Epica D’Or (Print) for 2005.