Saucy Finnish Finishing Sauces

Masterfoods have two television advertisements for their finishing sauces, starring two Finlanders, Otto and Mette. Otto and Mette are a saucy couple living in Australia, known for their kinky ways.

Mette squezes the Finishing Sauces

Finishing Sauce

Otto says, “Coming from Finland to the Aussieland we never see anything Finnish. ‘Til one day my wife she say ‘Otto I find Finnish sauce!’ When she show me the ‘ing’, silly! That sauce. Yum! And look, it’s like little jug. Our friends they also say ‘Yum’ and we say ‘ah yeah Masterfoods Finish sauce’ and everytime we laughing! The tagline: “A lovely Finish to any meal”. Otto says “Maybe it is just Finnish humour”. Click on the image below to play the video.

Squeezy Sauces

Otto and Mette are sitting in an outdoor spa pool in the countryside. Otto tells the story… “Coming from Finland we are always loving doing the squeezing. So when we have our first Australian barbie my wife she say, “Otto I find the Masterfoods Squeezy Sauce”. All the time I am loving to learn the Aussie barbie! And all the time we are loving the squeezing of all the squeezy sauces. Oh! We are having so much fun in Aussieland!” Back in the spa pool Otto and Mette are enjoying the company of their friends. All of a sudden Otto’s caught by surprise – he’s been squeezed! The tagline: “Everyone loves a saucy squeeze”. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Finnish campaign was developed at advertising agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney by creative director Danny Searle, copywriter Gary Dawson, art director Paul Sharp and producer Alison Chambers, account supervisors Caroline McLaughlin and Angie Laxton working with Master Foods marketing director Jason Kent.

Filming was shot by director Hamish Rothwell via GoodOil film productions, with producer Matt Long and director of photography Nigel Bluck.

Editor was Stewart Reeves at Guillotine. Post production was done at FSM.

Sound was produced at Song Zu by producer Rod Enright.