Saucy Finnish Finishing Sauces

Masterfoods have two television advertisements for their finishing sauces, starring two Finlanders, Otto and Mette. Otto and Mette are a saucy couple living in Australia, known for their kinky ways.

Mette squezes the Finishing Sauces

Finishing Sauce

Otto says, “Coming from Finland to the Aussieland we never see anything Finnish. ‘Til one day my wife she say ‘Otto I find Finnish sauce!’ When she show me the ‘ing’, silly! That sauce. Yum! And look, it’s like little jug. Our friends they also say ‘Yum’ and we say ‘ah yeah Masterfoods Finish sauce’ and everytime we laughing! The tagline: “A lovely Finish to any meal”. Otto says “Maybe it is just Finnish humour”. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Squeezy Sauces

Otto and Mette are sitting in an outdoor spa pool in the countryside. Otto tells the story… “Coming from Finland we are always loving doing the squeezing. So when we have our first Australian barbie my wife she say, “Otto I find the Masterfoods Squeezy Sauce”. All the time I am loving to learn the Aussie barbie! And all the time we are loving the squeezing of all the squeezy sauces. Oh! We are having so much fun in Aussieland!” Back in the spa pool Otto and Mette are enjoying the company of their friends. All of a sudden Otto’s caught by surprise – he’s been squeezed! The tagline: “Everyone loves a saucy squeeze”. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Finnish campaign was developed at advertising agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney by creative director Danny Searle, copywriter Gary Dawson, art director Paul Sharp and producer Alison Chambers, account supervisors Caroline McLaughlin and Angie Laxton working with Master Foods marketing director Jason Kent.

Filming was shot by director Hamish Rothwell via GoodOil film productions, with producer Matt Long and director of photography Nigel Bluck.

Editor was Stewart Reeves at Guillotine. Post production was done at FSM.

Sound was produced at Song Zu by producer Rod Enright.

  • The Finishing Sauce ad is shown here in NZ with the country name changed from Aussieland to Kiwiland, if i remember rightly. Personally it’s an ad that makes me want to hurl things at the TV.

    I’ve never seen the Saucy Squeeze ad here though.

  • Misha

    Awesome mate… i luv doin the squeeeezin!! 😉

  • Julien

    i like doing the squeezin with the misha 😉

  • OniTora

    Here in Kiwiland, Otto and his Finish sauce ad makes me crack up every time! At work I put on the voice and do the ad in front of my work mates…. I know it will start to wear a bit thin before very long.

  • Simon

    I love this ad! Here in NZ it’s been changed to “Coming from Finland to… land of funny woolly thing… we hardly see anything Finnish…”

    Squeezy ad is great but not currently on-air here. Perhaps too much use of the word ‘Aussie’ to change? Would happily provide the voice if they wanted an overdub!

  • Annie

    I love this ad!!!

    I love to do the voices along with the ad (I live on my own lol)..

    I wonder if the dude’s really Finnish?

  • Lotta

    No, he isn’t 😛

  • Wombat

    I’m an Australian and have lived in Finland for over 15 years. That ad of course in not shown in Finland but I have viewed the downloads. The accuracy of the the add is waaaaaay off. The mans accent is a gay Austrian with constipation and the landscape is definately not Finnish. Finland is flat as a pancake, only to be outdone by Holland in flatness. Having said that the landscape I suppose is meant to be in Australia if that is where they are living now. but I haven’t seen too many alpine cottages in Australia either. The only accurate thing about the whole add is that there is a beautiful blonde in it.. nothing more.

  • Thunder

    … ok.. im finnish.. and those adds are just weird 😛 never seen those kinda stuff in here but.. maybe im just blind. and that guy sounded more like german to me

  • Ripa

    hehe, pretty weird advert for me also. id say the first sentence “Coming from finland…” sounds about swedish.

  • Dr Maasden

    Both ads were shot in Kangaroo Valley NSW
    The “farmhouse” is only about 8 years old, but is built from old recycled shearing sheds.
    Otto and his neighbour are Australians
    Otto’s “Wife” is Danish
    His neighbour’s “wife” is English
    The “squeezy” ads were not shown in NZ; apparently because “Barbeques aren’t part of the Kiwi Culture”. That was what I was told, anyway.
    A new version of the earlier Finishing Sauce ad has been re-edited using unused footage from last year.
    Otto’s neighbour looks sort of average height; actually he’s quite tall, Otto and his “missus” are gigantic:-)
    The “sauna” in the Finishing sauce ads is mostly just some old corrugated iron sheets mounted on star posts. The steam is from a steam mop.
    The “spa pool” was filled up by the local fire brigade. When all four of the actors got in for an initial shot, the water overflowed and they suddenly realized that there was no was way of re-filling it, so Otto’s “neighbour” had to spend most of the afternoon scrunched down out of shot as “ballast”!
    The second day’s shooting was interrupted when a huge red-bellied black snake slithered out of some rocks.

  • InstructorLizzie

    I think this ad is fantastic. I don’t think it really matters in the end whether the accent is austrian, german, finish or anything else. It never ceases to make me laugh.