Steve Irwin Handles Fierce Snake For Fedex

Fedex made one television commercial with Steve Irwin in 2000, on the back of his filming for a nature documentary. Steve Irwin holds up a snake for the camera. “Now this is a fierce snake, the most venomous snake in the world. One bite from him and it’s all over.” The snake, of course bites Steve.

Steve Irwin holds a taipan in a Fedex tv commercial

“No worries, mate. Luckily, we’ve had the anti-venom sent from America via FedEx. In my line of work, if you’re not absolutely sure, you’re absolutely dead.” A colleague rushes up and whispers in Irwin’s ear. “Oh crikey! It appears we’ve used a different courier who hasn’t arrived yet! It’s OK becau…” Irwin drops to the ground. The super: “Fedex. Be absolutely sure.”

Click on the image below to play the Fedex Fierce Snake video.

Background Information

Steve’s ‘fierce snake’ is the inland taipan, which indeed is believed to be the most venomous land snake in the world. It lives in sparsely populated areas of South West Queensland and southern Australia. A bite from a taipan will cause paralysis and coagulopathy (bleeding trouble). Without two to three vials of the anti-venom administered intravenously, there wouldn’t be much hope. An anti-venom was developed in 1950, though it would be strange to be shipping it from America! “Crikey”, one of Steve’s favourite sayings, is an abbreviation of “Christ the King”, developed in England in the 19th century and popularised in Australia.


Steve Irwin Tribute DVD at Amazon.comThe concept for the Fedex Fierce Snake commercial was developed at BBDO, New York, by chief creative Ted Sann, senior executive creative director and copywriter Michael Patti, senior creative director and art director Don Schneider, art director Andy Knipe, copywriter Tom Henvey, agency producers Regina Ebel and Hyatt Choate, and music producer Loren Parkins.

Filming was directed by John Stainton, with The Best Picture Show Company, Brisbane, the company which filmed the Crocodile Hunter film and television series.

Editing was done by Sherri Margulies at Crew Cuts.

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