Fedex Caveman Grog Gets Stick

Fedex present themselves as the logical choice for office courier mail in their television commercial, known as ‘Grog’ and ‘Stick’. Grog, a caveman, ties a large stick to the leg of a Pteranodon, sending it into the sky with a yell. Just as the reptilian bird lifts off a Tyrannosaurus Rex chomps it out of the air, sending the stick flying back to the ground by Grog’s feet.

Caveman in Fedex Stick commercial

Grog walks back into the cave to break the news to his boss. His grunts are translated into English subtitles. “Package didn’t make it.” “Did you use Fedex?” “No” “Then you’re fired”. “But Fedex doesn’t exist yet!” “Not my problem.” In frustration the unemployed Grog walks out of the cave, kicking a small passing dinosaur out of his way. A Brachiosaurus foot stamps down on Grog, ending his unemployment problems forever. The voiceover: “Next time, use Fedex”. Unfortunately for Grog, there will be no ‘next time’.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Fedex Caveman ad was created at BBDO New York by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Eric Silver, associate creative director Jim Le Maitre, copywriter Jim Le Maitre, associate creative director Jonathan Mackler, art director Jonathan Mackler, and executive producer Elise Greiche.

Filming took place over three days in December 2005, in the California desert near Lone Pine. Production team Traktor provided the directorial team for the ad, along with executive producer Jim Bouvet and director of photography Tim Maurice-Jones.

Editor was Gavin Cutler of Mackenzie Cutler Sound was designed by Marc Healy of Mackenzie Cutler and Kim Christensen of Noises Digital.

Animation was developed at Framestore NY, with FX supervisor/senior Flame artist Murray Butler, FX supervisor/head of CGI David Hulin and FX producer James Razzall.