Farmers Union Iced Coffee Recreates Australian History

Farmers Union Iced Coffee, the iced coffee of choice in South Australia, is being promoted with a light hearted take on Australian legendary moments in the 45 second TV ad, ‘History’, shown in in the states of South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Underarm in Farmers Union History Ad

We celebrated when the wall came down
A group of men celebrate the removal of a wall by drinking an iced coffee, a reference to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

And we survived the Apollo disaster.
Two men and a woman watch on as a truck tows away a crashed Holden Apollo, a reference to the Apollo 1 preflight fire in 1967.

We were there when the bras were burnt,
A man accidentally leaves the iron to scorch a bra on the ironing board, a reference to the Feminist movement led by activists such as Australian Germaine Greer.

And when Chisel broke up.
A carpenter snaps his chisel, a reference to the break-up of Cold Chisel in 1983.

We saw Cathy in Sydney in 2000.
A young man meets his girlfriend in Sydney, a reference to Australian athlete Cathy Freeman‘s appearance at the Sydney Olympics.

And the children overboard.
A boat tows an empty ‘biscuit’, or inflatable raft, a reference to the scandalous rumour that boat people had thrown their children overboard.

We lived through the millennium bug,
An iced coffee drinker attempts to catch a mosquito, a reference to the computer code scare of 1999.

And Trevor’s underarm.
A road worker objects to the smell of his colleague’s overarm, a reference to the embarassing cricket incident in which Trevor Chappell was ordered to bowl underarm against New Zealand in 1981 to prevent a winning run.

And we strongly opposed the Bush invasion.
A man in safety glasses uses a chainsaw to cut back the hedge, a reference to the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq?

We are with you all the way.
It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee or it’s nothing.

The ad finishes with shot of men drinking Iced Coffee.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Iced Coffee History campaign was developed by AJF Partnership, by creative directors Adam Francis and Andrew Foote, with art director George Freckleton, copywriter Glenn Dalton, and account managers Tony Mangan and Rachel Ross.

Filming was directed by Roh Smith via Capitol Productions, with producer Donna Svanberg. Roh Smith is now with Spirit Films.

Post production was done by MRPP and Good Audio Sense.

Media was arranged by MEC.