Wondercafe or EZ Answer Squirrel?

The United Church of Canada has launched the Wonder Cafe web site with a viral video, “EZ Answer Squirrel”. A woman in a swimming pool complex asks, “EZ Answer Squirrel, is the soul eternal?”. The squirrel rushes on to choose between two acorns hanging from light switch cords. The answer is “Yes”. A woman in a hardware store asks, “EZ Answer Squirrel, does God hate me because I’m gay?” The answer is “No”. A man in a sports club holds up a bread roll and asks, “EZ Answer Squirrel, this looks like the Virgin Mary, right?”. The answer is “No”. A man on a basketball court asks, “Hey EZ. Which one of the gospels do you think resonates most in relation to the modern world in which we live?” The answer is “Yes”.

EZ Answer Squirrel

The super: “Looking for easy answers to life’s big questions? Ask the squirrel. Looking to explore them a little deeper? wondercafe.ca

Click on the image below to play the video.

Wondercafe Credits

The Wondercafe campaign is part of ‘Emerging Spirit’, a three-year $9 million campaign designed to connect with Canadians between the ages of 30 and 45, one of the first generations to grow up largely outside the church. Working with the in-house internet team was Toronto communications firm Smith Roberts and Co. Creative directors were Malcolm Roberts and Brian Smith, with agency producer George Archer.

Filming was shot by director Aleysa Young viaUNTITLED, Toronto, with director of photography Simon Mestel, producer Rosalynn Hegan and executive producer Tory Osler.

Editor was Ross Birchall at Bijou, Toronto. Music and sound design were produced at Bonspiel, Toronto.

See the Wondercafe print campaign at The Inspiration Room.