Guardian exposes Divers in Euro 2004

With only European teams left in the 2006 FIFA World Football Cup, and with disputed penalties awarded in recent matches, it’s time to bring back the Guardian Euro 2004 ‘Divers’ television advertisement. Yes, it’s back doing big time on YouTube, posted ten times, with a few references to Italian soccer teams training. Only problem is there’s not a recognisable word spoken by the players, just groans and appeals. If anything, the team appears to be have an English appearance. The ‘Divers’ spot features a football (soccer) team in training, rehearsing diving and other forms of over-reacting to body contact. The voiceover says, “The Euro 2004. The 92-page guide free on Monday in The Guardian”.

Divers in Euro 2004 ad for The Guardian

Guardian Euro 2004 Credits

The Guardian Euro 2004 campaign was developed at DDB London by creative director Andrew Fraser, copywriter Matt Lee, art director Pete Heyes, and account directors Tamsin Northridge and Jonathan Trimble.

‘Divers’ was directed by Chris Palmer, at Gorgeous Enterprises, with director of photography Ian Foster.

Euro 2004 TV Ad