Emirates One Language of Football

Emirates, the official airline of the FIFA 2006 World Cup, is working with Saatchi and Saatchi, Germany, to roll out a worldwide campaign focusing on the concept, “We All Speak One Language: Football”. The four television commercials in the international campaign are based in Hong Kong, Italy, Dubai and South Africa, and each show visitors struggling to understand the local language before discovering a commonality in love of football. A game of football starts in the streets, leading the visitor to run with his eyes alight and his arms stretched out like a plane in flight. The tagline, “Emirates, Keep Discovering”.

Crowd in Emirates Italy ad

Hong Kong

A Westerner finds himself outside his comfort zone as he walks through Hong Kong food markets. But when a soccer ball is sent in his direction, he catches it with his feet, thus entering into a fast and informal game of football. The English super: “We all speak one language. Football”. To a rhythmic Chinese soundtrack pedestrians interact with the football players, joining and leaving the game. The ball is sent up to a first floor apartment and through a window. All is lost, it appears, until a woman brings the ball out and throws it back into the street.


Two Asian men get off a bus in an Italian town, cases in hand. As they walk through the streets they are almost oppressed by the silence. They walk across a palazzo to find a bar full of patrons in suspense, watching the football on television. And then there’s a goal! The visitors are embraced and carried into the street by the momentum of a crowd keen to play football. The super: “We all speak one language: Football”. The younger of the men manages to score a goal. The ad finishes with him waving his arms around as though he was a plane soaring through the air. The tagline: Emirates. Keep Discovering.

Emirates One Language Web Site

In Germany visitors to the Emirates web site www.speak-football.de have the opportunity to interact with the Emirates campaign on a number of flash-powered fronts, all with the theme, “Es gibt eine Sprache, die alle sprechen: Fußball”.

Emirates Germany Web Site

Players can ‘kick’ the ball around a global route, stopping in at destinations marked on the Emirates site. They can watch the teaser for the four videos in streamed flash format, and play online games. The site is set out in four sections: Der Ball, Das Spiel (Play), Die Tore (Goal), and Die Freude (Joy).


The Emirates World Football Cup campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany.

Filming was shot by director David Gaddie via Partizan.