Dropping Knowledge Says Ask Yourself

Dropping Knowledge, an international voluntary community, has just finished a forum in Berlin during which 100 questions were addressed by 112 people from arts, sciences and other fields gathered around a huge table in Bebelplatz Square in Berlin.

Ask Yourself Table

The non-profit organisation was founded by Ralf Schmerberg and Cindy Grant. Schmerberg is a Berlin-based photographer, director, editor and producer, known for his award-winning film, Hommage à Noir, and United Nations television advertisement, UN AIDS/Kids. Cindy Gant is a Seattle-based social-action film maker operating through Catalyst Productions.

Dropping Knowledge aims to establish a global dialogue about the world’s most pressing problems. Questions from web participants from around the world have been linked to appropriate photographs and posted regularly on the Dropping Knowledge site.

Franziska Brandt, from Berlin, asked, “Are we losing our values in a growing material world?” The associated photograph features George Gurralang and his daughter, Australian Aboriginals. George says, “I’m making a video of everything – so we can show the young people in the future.”

George and daughter in Ask Yourself Ad

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